3 Best Ways to Clear Blocked Sewers


How to Recognize a Problem with Your Sewer and How to Fix It

Just as the title is suggesting, the first step in fixing a problem is admitting there is a problem with your sewer lines. Sewers need some TLC too. This happens especially after a natural disaster occurs. It can also happen when you fail to give your sewers that TLC they needs.

What sorts of problems occur and how do I fix them?

I am going to give you about 3 basic issues that can and will occur. I will also give you the best way to fix the problem. This way all bases are covered. Plus, this will also get rid of any excuses a homeowner might give, just to avoid the problem.

1) One problem that happens is build up. Most companies will tell you to take care of the build up, even before it happens. Some clients fail to do this. The build up of mildew, water, dirt and debris will add up after a while. One of the best ways to deal with the issue is through water jetting. Some call it hydro-jetting. This is when the company comes in and clean out everything, I mean everything.

They use high-powered tools with hot water to clean out the clog. If you take the time to watch this happening, you’d be surprised just how bad the clog was. It’s amazing how much gets cleaned out. This tip is one of the most recommended solutions. If you need help finding a good company in Sydney, you can find a water jetting service in sydney here.

2) A clogged toilet is another one. This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the sewers physically. It is connected though. The longer you let your toilet build up in the piping. the more your sewer will be backed up.

Your house is speaking to you. It’s up to you to pay attention to what your house is saying. Don’t wait too long. Start by looking for small little leaks around your home. These small leaks are telling you that something is wrong. Taking care of these little leaks will help out. They will prevent bigger leaks from happening. It will also prevent your sewer lines from facing even bigger clogs. Check around your toilets, water heaters and sinks. Any place that is labeled as a “utility”, you should be focused on.

3) Tree roots are another issue. Tree roots tend to do damage after a natural disaster, like a hurricane or tornado. Trees can also do damage if a tree cutter is working in your area. If you see trees around your sewer lines, take care of it. Unless they get too big, you could take it upon yourself to remove some of them. If you feel to awkward and unsure over doing this, call a company to help you. You can call the same company who does the hydro-jetting. They do it all!

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