4 Signs That Your Windows May Need To Be Repaired


When your glass window gets broken for whatever reason, it can be really expensive to replace in Australia and that is why it is more cost effective to repair your windows. Repairing your window has obvious advantages like increased security, but it can also save you quite a bit of money. By repairing your windows, you are adding value to your home and thus increasing its value and that can’t be a bad thing. The main issue with repairing windows is that the home owner isn’t quite sure when that should take place, and so I will list some signs that should help you make the right decision when thinking about repairing your windows.

  1. Water Seepage – This is one of the more obvious signs that you may need to take a closer look at, with your windows. If it’s raining outside but you have water on the inside of the window, then there is a problem. There can be a number of reasons for this including a hairline crack in the glass, the seal coming away from the window and frame, or a totally warped window frame. Whatever the cause, you need to find a company that does window glass repair in Perth, and that can come out and fix it properly. Water in your home can cause mold and may affect not just the integrity of the window, but also the wall surrounding it.
  2. Hard To Open And Close – Over the years, constant opening and closing of your windows takes its toll on the hinges, the frame and the glass. Things get older and with that comes some issues. If you find that your windows are becoming more difficult to open and close and they are becoming quite stiff, then you need to get someone in to look at them. If they are not closing correctly, then they are letting cold air into your room, or letting warm air out. Either way, this is not good and may increase your heating and cooling bills.
  3. Increased Bills – As mentioned before, if your windows and their glass is failing to keep your home properly insulated, then you are going to incur higher bills. If the window is not keeping warm air out, then your air conditioning unit needs to work harder to keep the room cool. Similarly, if cold air is getting into your warm home, then your heating system has to work harder to heat the room. Now, imagine if all your windows in your home are having the same issues, that’s a sizeable bill coming in every month.
  4. Foggy Windows – If your windows are steaming up, then this is a pretty good sign that your glass and windows have issues. There may be gaps between the glass and the frame and this is letting air in. Additionally, if your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be doing its job properly, it probably isn’t the air conditioner, but it is your windows.

They are just some of the signs that indicate you need to get yourself a window glass repairer in. It’s important to get them in early to make sure that no additional wear takes place.

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