4 Situations Where Skip Hire is Essential


If you’ve begun a major project at home and you require something to help you get rid of all that excess rubbish, skip hire is a must. Hiring a skip is far more efficient and economical that constantly filling up bin bags and transporting them to your local landfill site. You will end up doing multiple runs and could easily damage your vehicle if one of the bags splits open.

  • Gardening

If you plan on renovating your garden and need to remove large trees, plants and other items you’ll need a place to store everything once you’ve packed all that garden waste into bin bags. Gardening can be a very messy job and all of the waste gathered from clearing your landscape has to be transported in a large container such as a skip. If you plan on using a van or a car to transport all the bin bags you run the risk of destroying the interior décor. It’s better not to take risks and opt for a waste removal company to collect your garden waste in a skip.

  • Moving to A New House

Relocating to a new home can be rather stressful, you must consider a lot of things before you leave your old residence and settle into your new place. One of these is how to get rid of all the old stuff you no longer need and don’t want to bring with you, the solution is to hire a skip.

Moving to a new house can be hectic, so don’t worry if you’ve completely forgotten to hire a skip and need one immediately. There are various companies who offer same day skip hire in King’s Lynn if you are located around the Norfolk area. Your skip will be delivered to your doorstep on the very same day.

  • Spring Cleaning

Have you just looked at your home so times and thought, how will I get rid of all this clutter? Although some items can be brought to charities and others may be sold, most of the old stuff can be thrown out. The best way of quickly getting rid of all this excess waste is to hire a mini skip, a mini skip is a 2-yard skip which is great for spring cleaning clear-out tasks. It won’t take up much room and is easily stored in your driveway.

  • Garage Clear-Out

Most people use their garages as an extra storage room to dump unwanted and unused items, they end up hoarding items that could be easily thrown out and recycled by a reliable waste management company. Hiring a skip is a great way of clearing out your garage, which enables you to use this space for something more productive than storage, it could be transformed into a gym or an extra bedroom.

In the four situations mentioned above, skip hire is essential for helping you rid your home of unwanted waste. It is important to check with your local skip provider to find out what types of items are not allowed to be loaded into a skip.

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