4 Ways To Make Your Kitchen More Efficient


If you have ever worked in a professional kitchen then you know that not a single centimeter of space is wasted. In some kitchens, actually, the space is so small that it might seem impossible—to the layperson—to get any work done at all. But, as a layperson, you can learn something from the way restaurant owners design their kitchens—and then use that privileged knowledge to design the kitchen in your own home.

With that in mind, here are some clever divinecabinetry.com kitchen storage ideas that you might be able to use to improve the efficiency of your home space.


Every kitchen has at least one corner where two counter tops and two overhead cabinet installments meet. This corner is typically a weird storage situation. In many cases, doors open into the other cabinet and you can’t always reach the deepest part of the storage space. This means that you probably have a lot of wasted space under the counter tops and in the cupboards, above.

To fix this problem, consider custom made corner drawers which pull out from the wall. This brings whatever items you store in there out to you instead of making you reach deep into the abyss.


Most kitchens have one drawer reserved for “utensils”. It is often a random, messy drawer that makes it hard to find the things you need. Some people remedy this with a pot or other cylindrical countertop container that often sits in the proximity of the stove. Installing a utensil drawer, though, is perhaps a more visually appealing option because it keeps the utensil out of plain sight but makes it easy to find what you need, when you need it.


In most kitchens, appliances sit on the countertop: the toaster oven, hot plate, etc. Some people will store them and only bring them out when you need them. If you frequently use these appliances, though, that might not be the best idea. Instead, though, you consider building an “appliance garage,” to house them when you don’t need them, but still have quick access to them, when you do.


This upgrade might cost a little more than the others, but could be quite worth the investment. It is simply analyzing your pantry to better organize it to suit the needs of your family; and then customize the shelving and other storage options to give you more space or increase efficiency.

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