5 Reasons Why You Should Install a Burglar Alarm at Home


You may have your home contents covered by insurance, but when it comes down to it you’d rather have nothing go missing at all. One of the most effective methods of deterring burglars from entering your home is to install a decent home security system.

The numbers speak for themselves

Statistically speaking, the cities of Portsmouth and Southampton experience the least amount burglaries in all of the UK (according to official Police figures). The government also issued a nationwide Crime Survey of England and Wales, which revealed that burglary offences fell by 8% in 2016, and overall are down by 71% since 1995. But what are the reasons for such a drop in the figures? Could it be that criminals have simply chosen to move onto other pursuits rather than stealing from people’s homes, or might it be that they are being deterred from doing so?

Since the mid-90s, more and more people have been proactive and chosen to bolster up their homes to prevent potential burglars from intruding. So if you live in Portsmouth or Southampton and don’t have one installed, you might be one of the last households to not have a burglar alarm in Hampshire. To put it mildly, this vastly increases your chances of becoming a target as burglars are deterred from entering other homes that have a visible intruder alert system installed. In this case, installing a burglar alarm might be the smartest choice you could make, if you wish to give yourself added security at home against break-ins.

So here is a rundown on the top five reasons you should install a burglar alarm system in your home:

  1. Make your home less of a target – even if crime in your area is low, the risk of your home being burgled is heightened if you are one of the few remaining homes in your area to not have a system installed, because it makes your home more of a target.
  2. Burglar Alarms are a deterrent – For a potential burglar, just seeing that a home is covered by a comprehensive intruder alarm system will be enough for them to move onto the next target, so it pays to invest in a burglar alarm for your home.
  3. Burglar Alarm systems are easy to install and use – these days, with wireless technology it is possible to have a complete set up operating in your home that is minimal and out-of-the-way, yet efficient and highly effective.
  4. A Burglar Alarm will work for you day and night – whether you wish to get a decent night’s rest knowing that your home is covered by a burglar alarm, or you go on long business trips and want to return to your home intact, you will know that as soon as the system is switched on, an intruder alert will cover your home when you’re there and when you’re not.
  5. Your insurance premium will go down – so you have all your contents covered, but do you really want any of it stolen in the first place? Some possessions, after all, are priceless and irreplaceable. However, did you also know that most insurance companies will reduce the cost of your policy once you have an intruder alarm installed? That’s because they know that burglar alarms make sense, and vastly decrease the potential of a burglary.

These are five good reasons to install a burglar alarm system in your home. Just because you’ve never been burgled before, doesn’t mean that a break-in could happen any time soon. The wisest move you might ever make could be to install a decent burglar alarm and prevent any intrusions at all.

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