5 Types of Rubbish Bin Hire, That You Can Choose


It is the onus of each and every person to maintain cleanliness in his/her home or workplace. A clean and hygienic environment can keep a host of health hazards at bay. Additionally, this practise also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the place. The need for cleanliness has given rise to the evolution of dustbins and rubbish bins. Rubbish bins have always proved to be useful not just in the residential scenario, but in the case of commercial arenas as well.

Rubbish bin hire

The rubbish bins are much more effective when it comes to dealing with various types of waste materials, which mainly comprise of degradable and non-degradable waste items. You can dispose off the waste materials inside the rubbish bin according to the nature of the waste and in a more systematic way as you get different types of bins these days. Before you start looking for the companies that provide rubbish bin hire services, let us make you more informed in this regard.

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Types of rubbish bin you can hire

The sizes, shapes, and features of the rubbish bins differ according to its purposes. Some of the common types of rubbish bins are mentioned below:

  • Pedal bin: This kind of rubbish bin is perhaps the most common one, which can be easily found in the kitchens. Like the name suggests, this kind of rubbish bin comes equipped with a pedal mechanism. When you press the pedal, the lid of the bin opens up. Hence, this really helps in disposing the waste materials without having to physically touch the bin. This kind of mechanism is really effective in thwarting the spread of germs, which in turn improves hygiene. The only downside of pedal bin is its size. They are not large enough to accommodate big size waste materials and thus perfect if you use them for household purpose.
  • Touch top rubbish bin: This is another type of rubbish bin which is again mostly used in kitchens. In this case, you need to down press the lid in order to open it up. One major advantage of touch top rubbish bin is its tight sealing, which prevents foul odour to escape from the bin. Quite easy to guess, the only disadvantage is the fact that you have to touch the rubbish bin every time in order to open it.

Rubbish bin hire

  • Wastepaper rubbish bin: This sort of rubbish bin is hired mainly for storing paper-based waste materials. Other dry waste items that are non-degradable in nature can also be disposed in this kind of bin. However, you should never dispose leftover food or liquid waste materials inside the wastepaper rubbish bin. It is quite easy to dump the wastes in this kind of rubbish bin.
  • Recycle bin: Well, this kind of rubbish bin is hired mostly for commercial purposes. If you are running a restaurant, hotel, grocery store, or even a small manufacturing unit, you can opt for a recycle bin. When you go for rubbish bin hire services, you must make sure the recycle bin is in good condition to get the best out of it. Some recycle bins feature marked compartments, which makes it easy for anyone to figure out the right method of disposing off the waste materials.
  • Garden rubbish bin: These rubbish bins are also known as compost bins, and they can be placed outside. If you want to keep your garden clean and in good shape, having a compost bin is quite effective. You can choose a size as per the amount of compost generated on daily basis by your garden.

So, those were some of the most common types of rubbish bins that can be hired from the market. You can also come across other types, which are more apt for the small and mid-sized industries. Going with the best rubbish bin hire company can provide you with a hassle free experience.


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