8 Places You Forget To Clean


Whatever we do, we most probably miss or fail to do something. The same goes true with cleaning, too. Cleaning our homes we are often short of time and in a hurry. Right then we are most prone to miss certain areas that we do not clean usually or fail to clean them as we regard them as unimportant. We just think that they do not really need to be cleaned. Well, most of the time we are wrong, because dust, dirt, and bacteria are everywhere. Prevent your home from this.

Before beginning to think of the places you usually miss, make the necessary preparations in terms of getting the basic domestic cleaning products you may need. First, it is a good idea to have a bunch of microfiber cloths so you can clean different surfaces without using the same cloth. Three or four of them might be sufficient. Next, just in case take a pair of thick rubber gloves or disposable latex free gloves. Prepare some multi- purpose cleaner so you can clean without going back to the closet every time you come to different surface.

Home cleaned

Here is the list of possible objects and areas you might have missed the previous time:

  1. Under the bed- this is probably the most neglected area of your home. Out of sight, out of the heart, as the saying goes. However, it is a really dusty down there. So a good vacuuming once in a while can do miracles.
  2. Doorknobs- just consider how often you touch them? First thing you come home and last when you go out! A lot of dirt is accumulated at this specific point, so be extra rigorous when cleaning your doorknobs.
  3. Behind your radiators- if you can not see it, it does not mean it is not there. Lots of dust builds up behind them.
  4. On top of the air conditioner- hard to reach area, but worth the effort to be cleaned. As it circulated the air in your home, it tends to attract dust and lots of germs.
  5. Under the sink- usually a hot spot for mold and mildew due to excessive moisture. Use special cleaners and always wear rubber gloves when cleaning this area.
  6. Top of the wardrobes- Like the air conditioner this also hard to reach place. But with a step ladder you can go up there and remove all the accumulated dust with just a wipe with a microfiber cloth.
  7. Behind the toilet- the most unpleasant but yet the most important place to clean in this list. The specifics of the area necessitates the use of heavy duty cleaners. Be careful when handling this area. Always use some kind of hand protection- disposable latex free gloves might do the job.
  8. Don’t forget that you have to clean your mattresses.

So don’t forget to clean this areas in you home. You can make some check list to help you. If you want to save money and time you call to a professional cleaning company to help you.

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