8 Plumbing Checks for Winter Which You Should Not Miss


Winter is the season when most homes face plumbing problems. This might add to the discomfort of the cold months. Getting the plumbing system checked beforehand could be a stitch in time that saves nine.. It is important to give the plumbing systems a thorough check before you wait for major problems during this season. Changes, especially, during winter tends to put stress on these systems. Get a well reputed plumbing service to check this out thoroughly. This ensures a comfortable winter.

Listed below are 8 essential checks for your plumbing system.

  1. Pipe Protection:

The freezing water can cause these plumbing pipes to either crack or even burst. Consider the mess you face if this takes place. In case you are out of station, the burst pipes may flood your home, soak your carpets, furnishing, and more. Cleaning this up itself is a tedious job and possible damage to your wooden flooring due to prolonged exposure to water is something unthinkable. To ensure safety of these pipes ensure that the pipes which are not insulated are wrapped in a foam blanket. A plumbing service can help you purchase the ideal foam for this covering. Opting for this preventive measure tends to save on expenses on costly replacement of pipes.

  1. Get the Tanks Checked:

Plumbing systems depending on tanks need to be insulated and lagged by professional plumbers. The joints, bends and gaps are to be checked. For the tanks located on the loft, think of opening up the loft hatch for some time.

  1. Water Heaters Checked:

Water heaters are one appliance which is absolutely an important requirement, more so in winters. A malfunctioning water heater can be a cause of extreme discomfort. Ensure this is checked, so that it does not cause you any problem. The plumbers check the heaters for sedimentation in case you use hard water. The sedimentation can also be the cause of rust. Getting this checked can help you decide whether you require a new one.

  1. Checking for Leaks:

There is a possibility that you have overlooked leakage from faucets. Now is the time to make sure this is fixed. The bathroom, kitchen and the utility room are few other places where this check needs to be done.

  1. Outdoor Hoses and Spigots:

It is advisable to get the outdoor hoses detached before the temperatures fall to freezing point. You must shut off the valves of the outdoor spigots. Any residual water from spigots needs to be drained off.

  1. Draft Elimination:

Get the chosen plumber to check out areas like the basement, attics, crawl areas, under the bathroom and kitchen where you have the pipes running. This needs to be protected from cold air. The cold and hot water pipes in these areas require insulation.

  1. Sump Pump Pit in your Home:

Clean the sump pump and get this inspected. This can also freeze during winter and cause water logging in the basement. Inspecting this before winter sets in can save the money spent on cleaning later.

  1. Running Water:

Ensure that you let water run through all your pipes at intervals so that the interior of the pipes are saved from any freezing.

The Right Plumbing service:

Services which provide plumbing for residential areas need expertise in winter care of plumbing systems in all types of homes. Make a background check of the reputation and experience before you choose a plumber. The rates need to be reasonable. This can be decided by comparing the rates of different plumbers. Ensure there is no compromise on the quality of work.

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