A basic guide for the difficult cleaning activities


The difficult things should be high on the agenda, but it`s always possible to forget something, especially when it comes to the big seasonal or to the end of tenancy cleaning. Check out the following guide, which will help put some very important activities and exercises high on your agenda too.

A basic guide for the difficult cleaning activities

1 – Clean all the furnishings and their upholsteries. This is quite a time-consuming task and it requires your free time for getting started with a simple brushing. Brush the dust and the big loose particles from the upholsteries via stiff brush or gently beat the cushions from the windows. When the cloud of dust disappears – then it is ready for further treatment. Consider renting a hot-steam cleaning machine as it gives flawless results for the shortest time and it`s much cheaper than hiring a professional crew of cleaners. You can also reduce the steam and use the machine for a variety of other textile surfaces such as curtains, area rugs with short fibers, kitchen coverings and more.

2 – Always before beginning with the big seasonal cleaning – check out the wardrobes, the cupboards, the shelves, the cabinets or basically all the objects that store something. Go through a quick de-cluttering and sorting to get rid of the useless objects. Check out the cellar and the closet for useless objects that you are hoarding for years.

3 – When buying a professional or a multi-purpose detergent – search for pet-friendly or eco-friendly detergents. They provide the same results, but there is no risk of breathing volatile chemical compounds, nor of damaging the wooden texture of the wooden objects, nor of discoloration.

4 – A quick stroll with the vacuum cleaner throughout the entire house is a great choice to begin the big house cleaning. It is fast and it requires no time for drying, while in the meantime, it is the easiest way to get rid of the loose particles and dirt, hair, grit, crumbs, sand and other loose blemishes.

5 – Deep clean the carpets and rotate them. Another great opt is to flip them on their backings if they are two-sided carpets. This will prevent them from wearing the same spot, such as the walking area or the area around the dining table.

6 – Put the carpet cleaning high on the agenda, especially if you do it in home conditions with homemade detergents. The soaked carpets require a lot of time for drying. That`s why put the carpets outdoors to dry naturally while you are dealing with everything else. It may take even a full day for a small area rug to dry naturally, yet it all depends on the length of the fibers. Another thing to keep in mind is the power of the sunshine. Regularly check out the condition of the carpet, because the powerful sunlight can be dangerous to the already dry fibers.

7 – For the lightest stains and blemishes – save money by making your own homemade detergents. Indeed, there is a perfect homemade detergent for almost every kind of stain.

8 – Try to avoid cleaning the windows when the air temperature outside is very high and when there is a very powerful direct sunshine or in brief – the mid-summer is not a great choice for windows cleaning. The sun enhances the evaporation and you don`t want to deal with dry stripes on the windows.

9 – Prepare numerous towels for dabbing and rubbing. Don`t leave them for the last moment. Other tools that you will need are wet wipes and paper towels.

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