A Gentleman’s Guide To Buying Bed Linen & Sheets With Style


You’re a gentleman, which means you enjoy the finer things in life, like manscaping, like not wearing wrinkled clothing on dates or greeting your boss by shouting “Yo, dawg!”. Like not sleeping on the same sheets you used in freshman year – and by ‘sheets’, we mean sleeping on a beer and pizza stained mattress.

But because you enjoy the finer things in life, you want to spend most of your time lounging in your linens, not shopping for them. Sounds reasonable enough to us!

Here’s a guide to help streamline the buying process, so you can get the best quality linen products without a lot of fuss.

Consider Thread Count

There’s a widely conveyed myth that says the higher the thread count, the better. The truth is, some types of linen will require different thread counts. What you need to consider is the quality of material used, not necessarily (or just) the thread count.

Consider Yarn Quality

When you see the term ‘yarn size’, it’s referring to how thick the yarns are that constitute the fabric. Higher the size, the finer the yarn, and the finer the yarn, the more that’ll be squeezed into a square inch.

Consider Ply

Here we’re talking about the number of threads in a single strand of yarn. So, for example, 2-ply is woven from two strands of yarn, which are twisted together prior to weaving. Again, it comes down to quality. It doesn’t matter if you have a 600 thread-count sheet: if it is made from shoddy yarn, a 200 thread count linen made from superior material will feel infinitely softer.

Consider Material

Fabric is the name of the game here, and cotton is definitely the most used. It’s tough, and can withstand a lot of washing. It’s also comfy and breathable. Egyptian cotton is also a much loved off-shoot of cotton that’s renowned for it’s softness.

Blends are also popular, especially quality easy-care options which are durable, both on the bed and in the wash. Washed linen, made from flax plants, is definitely a top pick, boasting thermo-insulation properties, which can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Best of all, it only gets softer with age. And finally, since ‘bed linen’ is a term that doesn’t just refer to sheets made of actual linen, there’s silk and satin: both luxurious to sleep in and lovely to look at, but tedious to launder.

Consider The Look

There are many types of weaves used, and which one is best is really a matter of personal taste. Options include plain weave, herringbone, jacquard and waffle. Additionally, consider if you want any flare, like embroidery or applique or trim.

It goes without saying that if you want quality and style, you’re going to have to pay for it. This said, quality linen will last five times as long as it’s cheaper counterparts, so in the long run, you’re saving money by not having to constantly replace it.

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