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Adorning ourselves and our surroundings became a compulsory part of everyone’s life. We are trying our best to make ourselves look beautiful. When it comes to designing the interior part of homes, it has become a habit of using plaster to coat the wall in an attractive manner. It is not a big deal to make this a possibility. But the challenging task comes while maintaining the beauty of this material. If we do not take care of this precious item that adorns our room, it will result in an annoying job which you will have to repair. A plasterer eliminates this burden. He is a person who takes complete responsibility from applying plaster onto the wall to repairing it while it is in a pathetic condition.

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The major qualities of a plasterer are demonstrated below:

  • He has good understanding about the functionality of the plaster.
  • He knows all the moods of it and knows how to tackle with the same. Even though it is in a worst mood i.e. destroyed, he can deal with it and heal the pain by doing some magical repair work.
  • Uses various tools while operating with plaster. He has the ability of creating various interior as well as exterior designs.

Techniques and specifications:

A plasterer follows different techniques to do his work efficiently. If someone is good at these, he can be considered as a good technician of plaster work.

Dry Lining Plastering: In this method, plastering is done by using plasterboards. This is the budget process which consumes less money and can be finished with less amount of work. Plasterers generally choose this type as it is easy to go with. In ancient times, they were used to wet plastering but now-a-days the concentration has shifted to reducing the amount of effort. So dry lining plastering is the most widely used process.

Wet Plastering: This is the general procedure of applying plaster to the walls, ceilings, etc. The plaster is coated wherever required. Plasterer has to invest most of his valuable time in the activities like preparing the paste and checking its perfection, etc. Obviously this costs more than dry plastering. But this allows the plasterer to have a smooth and clean finishing. It is very convenient for them to do their job without any pain.

To engage in any activity to plaster the wall, a plasterer should have some necessary abilities in order to accomplish his work as per his credibility.

  • Proper use of the tools is the most important tactic of any professional. They should be able to mesmerize with the way of using the tools like Hawk, Trowel, etc.
  • However, anyone who understands the usage of such instruments can start the work in some or the other way. But it is important to focus on giving a finishing touch to plastering. Because, if it is not done in a proper way, there will be a problem in future. So plasterer should be the king of such activities.
  • Destruction of something is easy but re-constructing the same is a very difficult task. Repairing any wall that is coated with plaster is a creative and interesting work. The talent of plasterer comes out and gets recognized when he do such kind of job effectively.

Experience also plays a major role for the job of plasterer because when someone works for a longer time period in a specific field, he definitely goes through difficult situations and can learn many tips from that experience. So a novice plasterer may not be as efficient as an experienced one. By following these best methods, plasterers stay connected to their customers like plaster of Paris which sticks to walls when combined with water.

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