A Guide To Buying A New Water Heater


With almost every product you buy, there comes an estimate usage period. Their lifetime lasts considering their usage and the materials they are made of, so a different companies are offering a different types of products. But when it comes to exchanging your old one, which is probably older than it was supposed to be, or choosing one when building up your first, new home, you must be aware about many things.

Also, if you don’t choose one smart enough, you will have additional problems with certain repairs. Within this article we will help you find the best water heater that will suit your needs and expectations, as well as the design.

Nowadays, you can choose over many options, considering the heater’s design and energy regulations. But no matter how good this is, the more options you have, the harder it will be for you to decide which one is the best option.

Consider the energy

On average, 20% of all the energy costs inside your home are coming from your water heater. In order to fully understand the costs that will be made towards your monthly budget when considering some of the options, it is wise if you think about consulting with a professional over the most beneficial option.

Think over the capacity

This part have a lot of variations among the families, consider how much water every individual is spending when showering, as well as how often each one takes showers. But on average, most of the heaters are designed in order to sever a family of four members.

This means that one family is spending 100 gallons of water on average, considering the water spent when washing the dishes, as well as the washing machine. When considering the heater’s size, always make sure that you know how quickly you will need the water. So if you buy a bigger heater in order to make it easy for you and put it on only once per day, you may risk that the water gets cold when the others will need it. That is why you will need a smart, well calculated number considering the capacity of the heater.

Choose the type of the water heater

In order to move at the second step, you should be sure that your homework is done over the first one. When finding the right type, you must know how much water you are spending and how the water will be heated. Some of the types may cut your energy costs for a month up to half of the money you are using now, but when considering the price you will give in order to purchase them, you will wait for a while so that you can actually feel the benefit of owning one of those types.

The first type is the storage tank. This is the most common type, and the most affordable. After the water is heated it is stored inside until you will need it for use. If it runs on a natural gas, the costs will be lower than the ones when considering using an electricity, but of course, they come as a more expensive option. When it comes to its repair, you can always choose to contact a company which will provide you a certain help during a water heater leak.

On the other hand, the tankless water heaters are more expensive, since they are not storing the water. You can get additional information over the types by following this link. When it comes to the energy savings, you won’t experience any problems with this type, since it is more beneficial towards your budget. But on the other hand, they will provide you only a mild flow of hot water.


Before you purchase a certain type, make sure that your needs and expectations are previously calculated. In order to find the best fit for your home, you must be aware about the amount of hot water you will need, as well as the space inside you bathroom, since they come in varieties of options. Also, consider this as an investment for the future, since the most expensive options come with a lot of savings.

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