A Guide to Eco Friendly Living


If, like most Australian people, you understand the need to reduce your carbon footprint on the planet, there is much you can implement to achieve that goal. At home, for example, we throw away many things that end up in a landfill, when they could be recycled, and with that in mind, here is a guide to help you and your family become more eco-friendly around the house.


In the past decade, recycling has taken on an entirely new dimension, as technology empowers us to reuse devices and gadgets that would normally have been disposed of, and with friendly and efficient scrap metal dealers in Armadale, you can store the items until you have enough, then a single call will have the recycling company collect it, and you might even make a few dollars in the process. Recycling has gone further than bottles and cans, and any device or electrical appliance than no longer works, can all be recycled. Designate a room or area in the garage and instruct the family to put everything that no longer works, in that location, and before you know it, you will have enough to make the call.

Food Waste

If you don’t already grow your own vegetables, now is a good time to start, and by selecting a corner in the garden, turn over the soil, rake it off, and plant some vegetables. By using all your food waste, you can create a compost heap (in the other corner) and this will feed your vegetables and all your trees and shrubs, not to mention the lawn. Buy a special plastic bin and keep it next to the sink, and when it is nearly full, take it to the heap and mix it with what’s already there.

Energy Use

If you haven’t yet made the switch to LED lighting, this is one very good way to reduce your power usage. Light emitting diodes use a fraction of the power it takes to run a 100W light bulb, and although there is an initial outlay to buy the LED units, it is a good long term investment, and it will help the planet. LED is the ideal solution for both interior and exterior lighting, and your local electrician would be able to help. If you like to use the car for even the shortest of trips, invest in a road bicycle and get fit at the same time as saving energy, in fact, why not turn the whole family onto cycling, and with fold up bikes and rack, you can take the bikes on those summer camping trips.

Have the Right Mindset

Monitor your use of power and water, and you will definitely see ways of reducing your consumption. Modern faucets, for example, use much less water, and there are online suppliers of eco-friendly gadgets and devices that will help you to become more eco-friendly.

Avoid throwing gadgets and devices away, as most can be recycled, and by forging an alliance with a local eco-friendly scrap dealer, you are assured of making a difference.

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