Abrasive Blasting and the Different Media Used


Although abrasive blasting has only been with us for a hundred or so years, Mother Nature has been using this process since time began. We are all aware of how sand that is driven by strong wind can strip the paint from a car, and when you look at rock formations, it is easy to see how abrasion has caused erosion. While Mother Nature will use whatever happens to be around, man-made abrasive blasting involves many different types of medium to clean surfaces. Sand was once the most popular medium, yet it was discovered that sand inhalation causes silicosis, and consequently, other materials began to be used in the abrasive blasting process.

Soda Blasting

The prime concern when abrasive blasting is to ensure the process doesn’t cause the substrate any damage, and soda is the ideal medium for delicate surfaces, as it is strong enough to remove paint, but not damage the surface. There are, for example specialist companies that provide soda blasting in Perth, and should you require their services, they would be only too happy to quote. All it takes to make contact with an established sand blasting company is a Google search, and with portable blast units, even the tightest of areas can be reached.

Engine Degreasing

A messy, yet necessary job, soda blasting is the ideal solution for degreasing an engine, as bicarbonate of soda is non-corrosive, and acts as a degreasing agent. A few minutes of this treatment is all it takes to have the surfaces of an engine looking like brand new, and if you are restoring an old car, for example, blasting the engine makes for a very clean working environment.

Other Materials

Aside from soda, there are many other materials that are suitable for abrasive blasting, which include:

  • Coconut shell
  • Walnut shell
  • Steel grit
  • Copper slag
  • Silicone beads

Because almost any material can be used as a medium when abrasive blasting, there is always something just right for any substrate. It might be metal or concrete, and by choosing the right blasting medium, the substrate is not damaged in any way.

Around the Home

You would be forgiven for thinking that abrasive blasting is exclusive to heavy industry, yet even the homeowner can enjoy the benefits of this innovative process. Paths and driveways can be cleaned in such a way that they look like they have just been laid. The sides of a house can be cleaned prior to painting or coating, and if you really hate those oil patches on the drive, abrasive blasting will effectively remove them all.

Due to the popularity of abrasive blasting, there are companies that do nothing else, and most will take on any domestic job, no matter how small, and when you consider how many man hours this process saves, it is no wonder that many people use the service. If you would like a free quote for any job, an online search will land you on the website of an abrasive blasting provider, and you can take it from there.

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