Air Compressors: The Best Way To Power Your House Gadgets & Industrial Equipment


While many things have changed with time, one of the things that have been followed ever since in mechanical shops or any shop for that matter is the use of a machine. It utilizes a gas engine or electric motor to power a machine or device that sucks in atmospheric air, compresses it in a small volume space, creating a high pressure gas. The energy stored in high-pressure gas is the underlying principle of the air compressor, which is the heart of any power system. From a small gas station to large scale manufacturing plants, an air compressor is an integral part of the electricity generation. Today, even home workshops and garages have an air compressor in Brisbane for various purposes; right from inflating pool toys to drilling and using nail guns. While reciprocating air compressors with motors of 1-50 Horsepower are used for domestic purposes while rotary compressors with motors exceeding 100 Horsepower are used for industrial purposes.


1. Air system:

2. Purifiers and coolers

3. Wind in reserve

Reasons to buy an air compressor:

  1. Multipurpose:

a) Painting: With the help of an air compressor, one can use it to power spray guns and paint your equipment and walls with ease. Compressor powered spray guns are easy to use and give a smooth finish to furniture and cabinets.

b) Repairing: Air compressor in Brisbane is a boon to the automobile industry in repairing purposes like spray cleaning spinning parts, removing spark plugs and is even compatible with the air ratchet tool replacing the traditional one which is exhaustive and time-consuming. Even tires can be filled with the help of air compressors. With the help of a pressure regulator, one can ensure that the tires are not overfilled.

c) Carpentry: Planning to build something or interested in carpentry job? Then the compressor powered nail gun is a must-have. Compared to battery powered nail guns, compressor powered ones are easier and do your job quick.

d) Drying and dusting: Compressors can also be used to clean parts and remove dust and dirt in the nook and corners of your house. It can be even used to clean computer screens, keyboard and shelves where dust gets stuck in cracks and services.

2. Affordable: It is the most cost-effective solution to power equipment compared to other power sources.

3. Safe: Pneumatic tools, which are the tools powered by an air compressor, are the safest option available in the market when compared to the ones powered by electricity. They are less likely to get jammed or overloaded, which is a common problem faced through electricity leading to self – destruction of the tool.

4. Convenient: They are convenient for homeowners as well as industrialists and make our lives better by carrying out tasks quicker with better efficiency.

How to choose the right one?

Before purchasing an air compressor in Brisbane it is essential to look into the following four features.

  • Power and source of power
  • CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)
  • Size of the tank
  • Portability

Features a good air compressor should have:

  • Roll cage
  • Pressure switch
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Drainage valve
  • Air filters
  • Multiple couplers
  • Oil-free pump
  • Cord wrap
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