All You Need to Know about the Next125 Kitchens in London


Kitchens are the most important part of a house. There, you apply your culinary skills to cater to the hunger of the people concerned. When you are in a city like London, you can get really very creative when it comes to trying out different cuisine preparations. No matter what, having a clean spaced-out and well-equipped and thought out kitchen is always a bonus to good cooking. The rising popularity of modular kitchens exemplifies the ease of cooking that comes with it. Next125 kitchens London will help you to get the best in class modular kitchens that are customized to your needs.

Lambert Welch Kitchens provide for a best in class quality of German kitchens, both classic German and contemporary, tailored to your needs. Like the smartphone flagships, the Next125 range of kitchens is a flagship of the German kitchen leviathan, Schuller Kitchens. These two are the leading kitchen brands in Germany. They are known for their quality, precision, beauty and durability. So, if you are looking forward to having a Next125 kitchens London, expect to be amazed by their spaced out and complete planning of kitchens. These designer kitchens, in particular, provide for ultra modern kitchens using individual pieces of furniture that are custom made and built with acute machineries to cater to your needs.

The modular kitchens of the Next125 range are made of different kinds of materials like walnut, oak, black, laminate, or of high gloss lacquer, matt or fusion worktops. The drawers are the most vital parts of these kitchens because they are constructed in such concealed ways that when one looks at the kitchen, it seems as some elegant boxes have simply been placed neatly in a room to provide for a kitchen. Being so well concealed, the drawers need to be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of all kinds of utensils in it. To make sure of this, the drawers are engineered in a way to carry upto 50kgs per drawer. The Next125 has won a good deal of design awards for their standard and longevity of products. To successfully produce such marvelous creations, the company often provides options for an entire remodeling of your existing kitchen in which your old appliances are also replaced by new ones. Often, they have tie ups with particular appliance brands, which can cut you some slack on your expense.

Considering the standard of work they produce, they definitely remain true to their philosophy of providing best designs at reasonable rates. To own a Next125 Kitchens London, you can visit them online or in stores and ask for a quote. Your quote will depend on the shape of your kitchen, the number of cabinets and appliances you require, the worktop you choose, whether or not you require installation services, etc. After you contact them, you will also be provided with a free design service once they have a look at the kitchen. On an average, you can assume the expense to be around 5000 to 16500 pounds.

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