Best Practices & Home Security Tips


A home is the most valuable possession for anyone. It is the place that provides solace to anyone after a hard day at work. It protects one from the elements, keeps one and their loved ones safe from the dangers of the world. That being said, it is your duty to make sure that your abode is safe from the dangers lurking in the shadows. Yes, you got that right, this blog will talk about the best practices and related home security tips that will keep your property safe, especially when you are away.

  • Strong doors are your friend

The first line of defence against a burglar that a home can throw is its entry points. In case you have equipped your home security with professionals like Uneek Security doors chances are high that the burglar will need to leave empty handed as reinforced doors are not only hard to tamper with, they are known for their strength when it comes to providing a home and its occupant protection. Never refrain from investing heavily on your home’s point of entry. It is an investment that provided ROIs in the form of security to your property, to you and your loved ones.

  • Make sure that the plant life in your property is pruned

Take a walk in your property. Think like a thief and look for places to hide. Now, make sure that the plant life in your property is pruned to a level that all possible hideout places are nullified. It is never a bad idea to clear overgrown vegetation from your property that can give the privacy a burglar might need to scout your activities and your property.

  • It is never a bad idea to know your neighbours

Meet and greet your neighbours. Take the time to get to know them personally. Ensure you are polite enough to ask them to keep their eyes peeled and look out for any suspicious activity in and around your property when you are away for work or on a holiday.

  • Install automated lighting fixtures or ones with motion detection

A home’s ambience can be affected both positively and negatively by lighting. Since this is not a lifestyle post, let us shift our focus on exterior lighting. Thieves look for badly lit areas when they are about to go ahead with their business. It is best to equip your property with motion sensor exterior lighting fixtures so that anyone with an ill motive can be exposed when they try to sneak into your property. It is also best to install timer-enabled lighting fixtures in your property so that if the motion sensors are not working, the former can take the latter’s place.

As per global criminal statistical reports, an estimated five billion dollars worth of property was lost to the hands of burglars worldwide. This figure is only of the year 2013. In the sample group, more than seventy per cent of the properties were scarcely protected homes. It is safe to say that applying the above-mentioned tips will at least give your home the capability to hold off ill-doers for as long as the authorities are informed.

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