Bring Green Beauty to Your Building


A well-maintained commercial or industrial property is essential for a professional, environmentally friendly appearance to potential and current clients. The addition of beautiful greenery, from trees to hedges and shrubbery, will not only increase the overall aesthetic of your landscaping but also increase the positive reaction of your clients. Trees are extremely easy to maintain once they are planted, and you bring a brand new level of benefits onto the playing field with their addition to your building. There are nurseries available in the Melbourne area right now with only the highest quality trees, shrubbery, and hedges available for wholesale. The best nurseries are accredited, and they have been around for quite some time. They understand the importance of nature and hire only qualified horticulturists for the growth and health of their greenery.

Property Value

Advanced trees in Melbourne increase the value of your commercial property with nothing more than their existence. They ask for very little for this increase, and they require little more than soil, water, and sunlight in order to thrive on your property. Beautiful landscaping is proven to increase property values by as much as 20% instantaneously, and this is especially true if mature trees are included. Commercial areas with more beautiful trees attract a greater number of customers, and those customers are likely to stay longer and spend more money there. The best subliminal advertising your business could ever use can be permanently planted on the front lawn of your establishment.


Over the last few decades, environmental awareness bloomed into a global phenomenon, and any business stood to benefit from a greener appearance. The addition of trees on the property is the perfect way to both appear to have and actually achieve a higher environmental awareness. Trees deflect harsh winds, absorb rainfall, and provide much-needed shade during the hot months of the summer. Your clients might stop to enjoy the beauty of any flowering trees you install as well, and they are more likely to return if they feel relaxed and at ease at an establishment. Trees also filter water, effectively reducing the impact of storm and flood waters on your property. They also improve air quality through their ability to absorb harmful toxins, like carbon dioxide, smoke, dust, and ash from the air and filter them. The birds and other wildlife your new landscape additions bring also increase the overall natural beauty of your establishment.


Your establishment will see lowered energy costs over time, as strategically placed trees and hedges on the south- and west-facing sides of your establishment reduce heating and cooling costs. Trees provide shade to buildings, and thus, they reduce the impact of the sun by as many as ten degrees Celsius. These amazing additions break the wind and reduce heating costs in the process. As previously mentioned, their sheer existence will also increase the overall value of your property. When you purchase wholesale advanced trees, shrubbery, and hedges, you stand to give your business a brand new level of success and beauty. Your clients are more likely to return, and will find your establishment a pleasure to visit every single time.

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