Buying Comfortable and Durable Furniture for Your Home


Whether you’re buying new furniture for the family room or setting up an in-home theatre, there are many furniture arrangements that you can choose. The key to most arrangements, especially in a family room or home theatre, is comfort. However, durability and practicality are important as well.

Choosing Durable Furniture

When it comes to furniture that will be used by a family, you want something durable that will last for several years. This includes durable fabric that is stain-resistant and easy to clean. Some of the best fabric choices for a busy family include wool blends, polyester blends, cotton, leather, and nylon blends.

Fabrics that are not soil- or stain-resistant can be treated with solutions to make them easier to clean. These solutions, of which Scotchgard is a well-known brand, aid in beading liquids so they are not absorbed into the fabrics and make it easier to clean off food, soil, or other surface dirt.

Colour and Patterns

The colour or pattern that you select for your furniture will also play a role in its durability. While fabrics can be treated to prevent stains, they will still get dirty with age. Cleaning frequently or using throws on your furniture will help keep it clean, especially if you have children and/or pets. However, if you buy certain colours or patterns, then it can help hide any dirt on your furniture.

Most people consider dark fabrics better at hiding dirt but sometimes they can make it appear worse. Brown or grey fabrics are usually best at hiding stains and dark and blended medium-toned patterns do so as well. Stay away from light colours such as beige, light grey, or tan if you want the furniture to look clean for longer.

Comfortable Furniture Styles

The style of furniture you have in the theatre or family room will be a factor when it comes to your family’s or friends’ comfort level. Fabric sofas are a good choice because the user can put his or her feet up and relax while reading or watching a movie. Instead of buying furniture individually, you can choose a matching lounge suite.

I got my lounge suite from Roth Newton in a leather fabric because it is easy to clean and looks stylish. My children and their friends or the whole family frequently uses it to watch movies or their favourite cartoons when having sleepovers. Leather is a good choice because dirt and spills are easily wiped up with a damp cloth but it’s durable as well.

The only precaution you might take with leather furniture is keeping pets off it because their nails can accidentally scratch the leather. If you have pets, you can place a blanket or throw on the seat if they do climb on the sofa to keep one of the family company in the theatre or family room. If you purchase the right furniture in a durable fabric and in the right colour or pattern, it can keep your family comfortable for several years.


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