Choose from an Array of Internal Doors


One of the nice things about starting a do-it-yourself project is the fact that you can add a room and choose from an array of window products or doors. Not only can you choose the wood or materials you want to use, but you can also select the hardware. Therefore, any home remodel you do is done using your own personalised preferences.

Types of Wood Doors

One of the fun parts of a do-it-yourself project is that you can go online and shop for an extensive range of internal doors. Doors of this kind are made with sourced wood that is not only high-quality but supplied from timber forests from around the world. Interior doors are made from such popular woods as walnut or oak as well as from soft pine, pippy oak, mahogany, or doors that have been primed in white.

Pinewood – Advantages and Drawbacks

When selecting a door then, it is helpful to become acquainted with the various kinds of wood and the disadvantages and advantages of using the materials. For instance, pinewood is a lightweight and inexpensive wood product that features a whitish or yellowish colouring with brown knots.

The wood is frequently used for rustic type pieces, such as farmhouse tables and country-styled doors. Pinewood takes well to paint, and it is a great accompaniment in a kids’ area. The wood forms a pleasant patina when it is regularly used and also resists the tendency to shrink and swell. The only drawback about pine is that it can succumb to dents and scratches over time.

Oak – Pros and Cons

Oak, which is a very popular choice for furniture and doors, tends to look grainier than other woods. You can choose from two varieties of oak, either red, which ranges from a light brown to a pinkish colouring or white (noted for its tiger-stripe grain).

Oak is dependable as it is exceptionally durable and typically is cut so it will not warp. Because of its wavy grain, the wood conveys a distinctive look. Using a clear finish is recommended as it better showcases the wood. Using a clear finish as a stain will darken the wood and exaggerate its grain. As a result, the wood can end up looking two-toned and less attractive.

Oak is heavy and more expensive that some other types of wood.

Walnut – Benefits and Disadvantages

Walnut wood is a hardwood with a straight grain that can range from a dark brown (when cut from the tree’s centre) to yellow (when the tree’s outer portion is cut). The wood is a primary pick for the headboards of beds, ornate dining tables, and interior doors. Because it is a stable and strong wood, walnut can be intricately carved. The colour is also one of its complimentary features.

Some do-it-yourself individuals do not like the variations in the wood’s colour, or the fact that it costs more than the other above-mentioned woods.

Again, it never hurts to become acquainted with the wood products being used for doors. Doing so will make adding internal doors to your home just that much more rewarding and useful to you.

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