Choosing the Right Garage Door for You


Choosing a garage door for your home comes down to analysing your needs as well as your resources. You need to keep in mind what you are trying to accomplish with your garage door as well as how much money you have available. If you are simply trying to create a new enclosure in your house for as little money as possible, a plastic garage door might be right for you. If you’re trying to create a certain look that will fit with the style of your home, you might be looking for timber. If you’re looking for security, you might be looking for steel. Garage doors also vary in size, and you can buy one based on how much space you might have. Choosing the right style as well as the right material is going to be crucial to getting something you are happy with.

Roller Doors

The first choice is if you want a solid state door or a segmented roller door. In the past, having an electric garage door in your house was something of a luxury. It was something that only the wealthiest could afford. Now, they are the most common type of garage door. They come in two varieties—roller doors or hinged. Hinged doors are the classic garage doors that open just as a gate would. They swing from the top of the frame. These types of doors are popular because they can be made to look like one solid piece of timber or metal, which is often the more secure option. They’re also visually appealing since they look a lot like the door to your house. They have some drawbacks, though. Doors that swing open require you to have enough room in your driveway for the door to swing open. They also require that you don’t have too many tree branches hanging over your driveway. Also, you must have the infrastructure in place for a hinged garage door, or you’ll have to have it installed.

A roller door is often the choice of many people who are installing a garage door for the first time. Roller doors are slightly less secure, because they have more hinges, but they do not require nearly as much space as other options. They roll on tracks up to the ceiling of the garage door, so they go into the house as opposed to out of it. That means you don’t need extra room for your garage door. Many people find this to be infinitely more convenient. Once you’ve figured out what kind of garage door is right for you, the garage door specialists in Essex can help you find the right materials for your door.

Garage Door

The Advantages of Timber

Wood is one of the most common choices for a garage door as well as one of the most highly ranked. For security purposes, wood is considered incredibly safe. It does not break, tear, or decompose very easily. When properly coated with a sealant, wood can be incredibly weather-resistant and even fire-resistant. Wood is also very aesthetically appealing, because it adds warmth and character to a house that a synthetic material does not. In many ways, a wooden garage door looks like a larger version of your front door.

Wood does not transfer heat very well. That is especially useful when you are using it as a garage door material. You do not want a garage door material that transfers heat easily. That means it will heat up during the summer and get cold during the winter. Most garages aren’t climate-controlled. Adding a massive thermal bridge like a garage door can affect the temperature of a garage by several degrees. That could save you or cost you hundreds of pounds in heating costs every year. Since wood is not a very good conductor of heat, it should work to help insulate your garage.

Steel Garage Doors

A steel garage door doesn’t have the warmth and comfort of a wooden door. If a wooden door evokes images of hearth and home, a steel door evokes images of security. These doors are incredibly resilient and hard to tamper with. They are weather-resistant, fire-resistant, and tamper-resistant. You should invest in a steel door when you are looking to create the safest possible garage door. Also, not to be discounted is the psychological effect of a steel garage door. When potential burglars see a steel garage door, they’ll know you have a very sturdy door, and they might not even attempt the burglary at all. Steel is not quite as visually appealing, but it is utilitarian.

Fibreglass Garage Doors

When you’re looking for something sturdy, economical, and reliable, a fibreglass door is your best bet. They’re made of a mixture of synthetic and all-natural materials that provide the ultimate in convenience as well as protection. Fibreglass is a material light enough that it’s used for constructing boats, but also reliable enough that people will take it out in deep water. Fibreglass is a strong material made of interwoven fibres that provide strength and resilience. It’s also an incredibly great insulator to the point that many brands of home insulation are made out of fibreglass. When you’re trying to cut down on heating and cooling costs in your home, you should think about this material for your garage door. It will help cut down on the amount of heat transferred to your garage and the outside. If your garage is attached to your house, that heat transfer can also be affecting the temperature inside your home and costing you money.

Fibreglass doors are also lightweight, which is especially helpful if you do not buy an electric garage door, or if your power goes out. You can use all garage doors manually, but you have to be able to lift them. Steel and wood can be quite heavy. Lightweight fibreglass is perfect if you’re worried about the weight.

Choosing a hinged door or a roller door depends largely on how much space you have. Once you’ve decided that, you need to figure out which material is right for you. Wood is sturdy and insulating, but steel is more secure, or you have Fibreglass, which is lightweight, and perhaps the best insulator.

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