Cleaning Ducts Leads to Energy Savings and Less Repair


In recent years, duct cleaning has become a popular service. However, people still want to know if the service is truly beneficial, or if it is just a scam. When it comes to keeping the oil and grime out of your HVAC system, however, you can definitely see the value. Research shows that removing the dust and dirt build-up reduces the need for repairs and keeps the indoor air fresher and cleaner.

Professional duct cleaning involves the use of specialised equipment, including vacuums, brushes, and blowers. This equipment is used to clean out the intake, supply, and return ducts throughout a home or business.

What Duct Cleaning Entails

Duct cleaning entails an entire cleaning of the air handler, grilles, registers, motors, fans, coils, and housings of an HVAC system. Again, evidence suggests duct cleaning is necessary as it cleans dirty cooling and heating coils, air handling units, and motors—all which cause an HVAC to run less efficiently.

When Duct Cleaning Is Advised

Also, due to a growing concern about the quality of indoor air, it is easy to convince homeowners that duct cleaning in Melbourne is a necessity. In particular, duct cleaning is advised in the following instances:

  • Home renovations: If your home is being remodelled and you need to remove a significant amount of dust or get rid of lead paint, then you definitely need to have the ducts cleaned. Ducts should be sealed off during any renovation as dangerous debris or dust can become embedded in the ductwork.
  • Animals in the home: If you find evidence of an animal infestation or discover nesting in your HVAC system or ducts, you need to remove the animals and have the duct work cleaned immediately.
  • Contaminants: If you happen to notice odours, pet hair, or debris being released into a room in your home, you need to decontaminate the house. Often, you can accomplish this by having your ductwork cleaned.
  • Mould: If you see mould growth inside your ductwork, both the HVAC system and ducts need immediate cleaning.
  • Illnesses and allergies: If you or other family members in your household constantly suffer from allergies or allergy-related illnesses, you need to take immediate steps to have your ductwork cleaned.

Obtain Quote and Check the Local References

To make sure you are getting the best duct cleaning service possible, ask for a written estimate of the work. A reputable service should provide a free quote. Also, check out the references of duct cleaning companies in your area. Find out what the service included and if the customers were satisfied.

In addition, keep in mind that the intake ducts—or the ducts that return the air to the heating and cooling unit—are more likely to get dirtier than the supply ducts, which deliver the air conditioned air from the HVAC unit. You need to know this information when requesting service.

Whether you are having the ducts cleaned due to health reasons or you want to make sure your heating and cooling system stays in good repair, duct cleaning is a service that will improve the overall comfort level of your home.

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