Cleaning gutters tips


Gutter cleaning is important part of house maintenance. After the autumn and winter, gutters are often full on leafs. And because of this it is recommended that gutters should be cleaned each year, before autumn. When you´re cleaning gutters regularly they will also remain in better condition, and you don´t need to renew your rain gutters so often.


Each year many people fall off from ladders while they are cleaning gutters, so remember the safety. And because of this, many people are hiring cleaning companies or gutter cleaning services to do the work.

Gutter cleaning
First step is to scoop out loose debris, narrow garden trowel is a great tool for this job. Then use a water hose, and blast out the gutters. Wash out each length of gutter, and work towards the drain outlet. Last job is to clear the drainpipes. You can usually clean the drainpipes with water hose, but sometimes you need to use plumber´s auger.

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