Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Gas Heater


Natural gas is widely used across the globe for heating purposes. When man realised how to light a fire, it wasn’t long before they started searching for more efficient ways of lighting a fire than rubbing two sticks together. Eventually, with the passage of time, man realised that the best way to light a fire was to use a combustive process involving natural gas. Today, when you light a fire on your stove, you are using natural gas supplied by the municipality. You have to pay a monthly gas bill to the corporation for using their energy.

During the winters, many people also rely on gas heaters in order to keep their places cosy and warm. Unfortunately, like any other machine, these gas heaters also have a specific useful life. After 4-5 years of consistent use, you will need to think about replacing your gas heater. Buying a new gas heater in Sydney isn’t difficult, as there are numerous companies that sell a variety of different heaters. However, the problem is that most people don’t really know much about the different kinds of heaters.

First of all, you need to check your house if you have a flue. Before buying a gas heater for your place, it’s imperative that you check if you have a flue in your house or not. A flue is basically an exhaust pipe that carries fumes from inside the house and releases them outdoors. Since you are using a gas based heater inside the house, it won’t take very long for the whole place to fill up with fumes. As you can imagine, having a flue is of vital importance. If you don’t already have a flue in your house, it might be a wise idea to get one installed before you go out to buy a heater.

Space to Be Heated

A very common mistake that many people make when ordering a new gas heater is that they don’t pay attention to the space that needs to be heated. Before you buy a new heater, you should check if the heater is big enough for the room you want to heat. If it’s a particularly spacious room, a small heater won’t be enough. A small heater will only be able to heat up a particular corner of the room, and the warmth won’t spread around the place.

Type of Heater

Companies that sell gas heaters generally provide two different variants: flued and unflued, or portable heaters. Portable heaters don’t require a flue in the house, whereas the former ones do. However, within these main categories, there are a bunch of other options available. These include power flued, radiant-convectors, convectors, and radiant, as well as wall heaters.

As you can imagine, many people often get confused with so many different kinds of heaters available. As a result, it’s important that you first read about the different options available, and then make a decision about which model is more suitable to your requirements, before you buy one.

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