Common Washing Machine Issues That You Should Know About


The washing machine is a very common household appliance that’s a fixture in most houses throughout the United Kingdom. As the name suggests, the washing machine’s main purpose is to wash our clothes. It uses a very simple function for washing and then drying the clothes. Not all washing machines have built-in dryers so the features generally vary based on the model you have. However, just as any other household appliance, washing machines are also susceptible to a wide range of different problems. Before you call in a professional for getting your washing machine repaired, here are some of the main issues that you should know about.

Electrical Issues

Local companies that offer washing machine repairs in Hampshire can easily fix electrical malfunctions. The electrical circuitry in your machine varies depending upon the make and model of your machine. Electrical issues are quite common with most machines and usually arise in case there’s fluctuation or serious voltage problems in your house. An error code might be displayed on your machine as well, highlighting the issue.

The Motor Stops Working

Another very common issue that you might encounter with your washing machine is if the motor stops working properly. The motor is used to rotate the drum inside and rinse your clothes. If the motor stops working properly, you will start noticing patches of detergent on your clothes after the wash is complete.

Drainage Problems

After the cycle is complete, the washing machine automatically drains all of the water through the drain pipe. However, if the water isn’t being drained properly, it does indicate a problem with the piping inside. It can also be caused due to a malfunctioning sensor so you should definitely get the problem checked by a professional who specialises in fixing washing machines and other household appliances.



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