Designing Your Entryway


What is the impression that you want people to have the moment they walk into your home? Do you want them to feel welcome? Do you want it to feel spacious? These are important things to think about when you are designing the entryway to your house. The entrance to you house is what sets the mood and feel for the entire home experience. If you walk into a house and it’s stuffy, you can almost always assume that the rest of the house isn’t going to get that much better. That is why it is important to make sure you spend time to design your entry way properly.

Spacing of the Entryway

A good design is typically all about spacing. The narrower an entrance feels, the worse off you are. Your goal should be to make your home feel open and free. This will also help you in personal matters such as when you have to bring bulky items into your home. If you have a big family with a several children and infants, then you’ll want the entry way to be big enough for that double stroller that you may be thinking of purchasing!
So how to make the entry way “open and free”? Simple, don’t clutter it with stuff. The entry way is not a place for you to crowd with furniture and drawers. Instead, keep it simple and utilize a simple carpet and possibly a place to store shoes. If there’s one thing to not be stingy about, it’s your shoe holder. If possible a built in shoe drawer may work best. Your shoe holder should be neatly organized and well designed. Many people have dirty shoe holders that immediately ruin the look and feel of a home. Don’t make this mistake.
Using Proper Lighting

Next you’ll want to focus on the color and lighting of your home. Typically the brighter the setting then more lively it feels so make use of your windows and don’t cover the light that comes in. If you aren’t lucky enough to have good windows in your entrance, then make sure to use good artificial lighting. A light source that can mimic that of the outdoors would be ideal. An alternative would be to go for the warm yellow light style. This style of lighting makes the home feel more relaxed.
Adding Plant Life

The last thing that you’ll want to consider adding is adding flowers or plants. A nice flower or bouquet can help add life to any room. The entry way is no exception. This also makes the air feel much cleaner. If you do decide to put some flowers in your entry way, make sure not to go overboard with it. Some people take it to another level by putting dozens of plants in the room. This effectively destroys the first point that I made, which is to keep the space open and clutter free.
Final Words

The biggest takeaway from this article is to keep the room clutter free and pretend you have a big family. If you can’t fit a big stroller easily through, then your entrance is too cluttered. Keep it simple and keep it clean and it will go a long way in making your house feel more like a home.

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