Do You Have Cracked Heat Exchangers?


If there is one thing that you need at home during the cold winter months, it is the fireplace. Gone are the days when traditional fireplace is the only accepted type of fireplace at home or even in some commercial establishments. Right now, fireplaces also make use of heat exchangers so that it can give off heat that will make you warm and comfortable during the cold, winter months. A lot of people say that a fireplace is a “must have” at home but it usually depend on where people are located. If you live in a place where the days are usually cool, then having a fireplace may be necessary.

If you have installed the fireplace at your house a long time ago, let me ask you, just how long ago did you check if it is still working fine? If it has been years since you last checked it, you have to take a look at it now. There may be some cracks that are present in your heat exchanger that you have not noticed yet. To the untrained eye, your fireplace may look the same as it did a few years back. In fact, the items that you have at home do not look like they have aged on the outside, right? It is usually from the inside wherein you will notice how much the items have already changed.

Another reason why you will not be able to see if there is something wrong with the heat exchanger is because of the way that it is positioned with the appliances that you have at home. Professionals would have to remove the heat exchanger and use tools to see if there are still no cracks and if it is still in pristine condition. If not, then you need to have it repaired or even replaced at the soonest possible time.

If you do not know who to contact however to check if your heat exchangers are cracked or not, there are some methods you can do to check on your own. Still, this should only be taken as an initial check-up. Allow professionals to still check on your heat exchangers when you get the time to contact them. The first method is by using a mirror and flashlight. You can position the mirror in such a way that you can view the heat exchanger in a different and clearer angle. The flashlight is supposed to help you focus so you can scrutinize each area and see if there are some cracks and breaks.

Another method that you can try is to make use of your GoPro or any other small camera that can take a video of the area where the heat exchanger is located. Allow it to be your eyes so that it can check all the nooks and crannies of the item. If you see that there is something wrong, take a look at the items that are being offered by AIC Industrial Components Inc.

Take note that the methods mentioned above are not fool proof. You are still an amateur who is just hoping to check the state of your heat exchanger. When you get the chance, contact a professional to do the checking for you. Not only will the physical properties of the exchanger will be checked, even the actual heat exchange will be considered.

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