Domestic water storage


Many people harvest rainwater, and with corrugated storage tanks that come in a range of sizes, rainwater storage has never been easier. We live in a world that is becoming more and more eco-friendly, and this is one of the easiest ways to help the planet. Many rural dwellings have a well somewhere on the property, and a water storage tank is the perfect solution, ensuring you have a continuous supply of much needed water. With water repair works occurring often, the mains supply can be off for hours at a time, so by having your own supply, you are not reliant on a single source of water.

Tailored tanks

A water storage unit could be fitted in a number of environments, and with building configurations and landscape variations, a custom made tank is often required. A reputable tank provider should be able to customise the unit to fit the desired location. They will also provide information about ground preparation prior to installation, as the tank will be supporting a heavy load, so the foundations must be solid.

Tank lining

As this is the surface that will have contact with the water, it is essential that the lining keeps your water free from contamination. Today’s modern linings are made from a food based, multi-layered material, which has also been UV treated. A layer of reinforced polyethylene gives the lining added strength and durability, to ensure that your drinking water is always fresh and tastes as it should.

Useful extras

It is essential that no one has access to your water, so by putting a lock on the access hatch, you prevent any contamination. A removable interior or exterior ladder is also a good idea, to prevent any unauthorised access, and deter children from playing near the tank. It is nice to have a water-level gauge fitted, so you know exactly how much water your tank contains.

Other uses

Bushfires can start up at any time, and if your house happens to be in its path, a water tank could save the day. In rural settings, many farmers store water for this very reason, and they are often referred to as fire tanks, which come in a range of sizes. New houses that are built on bush fire overlay sites are advised to install storage tanks for firefighting purposes. Fire trucks carry a limited amount of water, and if several houses are under threat, you will need a further supply.

Commercial applications

Commercial operations often require large water storage tanks, which must be manufactured according to specific standards, depending on the nature of the industry. Many farmers require water storage units for crop irrigation, which is essential to ensure a good annual yield, with rainfall becoming more and more unpredictable.

A good installation team

The secret to a successful water tank installation is preparation and planning, so make sure you use the services of an established tank installer. With hands-on experience and a wealth of knowledge, your local supplier can advise you on all aspects of water storage.

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