Double Glaze Your Windows and Reap the Benefits


Winter time in the UK is usually a bitterly cold affair. It is a time to rug up and nestle near a good fire, or to enjoy the benefits of central heating. Many people often double glaze their windows, but if your double glazed windows are looking a little tired, or the window frame needs replacing, it might be time to turn to the expertise of a family-owned company with vast experience in the area of double glazing and window installations.

The Advantages of Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows offer the following benefits:

  • Insulation: Most homeowners know that double glazed windows are great for keeping out the bitter cold of winter and retaining heat, but they are also great during the summer. The air layer between the thick panes of glass acts as an insulator. During the winter time, it keeps in the warmth and keeps out the cold. During the warmer weather, it keeps out the heat and keeps in the cold!
  • Silence is Golden: Most people know about the insulating effects of double glazing, but don’t know that it is also great at keep out noise from the street outside! People working the night shift will really appreciate this feature during the noise of the day. Those with young children will also appreciate the fact that double glazing is excellent at absorbing the frequency range of the human voice, as it will prevent sounds from a noisy family home from escaping into the street to be heard by all.

If you need your current double glazed windows replaced, it might be time to call double glazing installers in West Wickham to get a quote and some advice.

A Reliable Double Glazing Installer

Double glazing not only provides some surprising benefits, but it also adds real value to a home. In an age where we are all concerned about climate change and electricity use, this is an ideal way to maintain a comfortable temperature year-round without using too much electricity or gas.


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