Eco-friendly Toilets A Great Step Toward Sustainable Living


Eco-friendly toilets are becoming more and more popular these days. With the increase in the importance of sustainable living, people are getting aware of the environment. These types of toilets are great when it comes to water saving. Therefore, it will help you to cut the water bill. Above all, it will conserve our natural resource.

If you are planning to get an eco-friendly toilet installed in your house, make sure to consult with an expert.

Here are some of the important things one must know about eco-friendly toilets.

Low Flow

In older toilet type we have to waste a good amount of water per flush. Now with eco friendly toilets, you get the alternate solution of using low-flow toilets and that can be done in the same flushing service. So you will only use less amount of water and will cut your water usage. Low flush toilets are suitable for places where water is a big problem.

Dual Flush System

This technology of dual flush is widely used today. In this type of system, you will either find a button on top of your tank or a side lever. These flushes are designed to work on liquid and solid wastes. You can get varieties of dual flush toilet designs and in affordable budgets.

Pressure Assist System

In this system, pressurised air is used to increase the flush power and they need very less water per flush. Therefore you can have a smaller tank as it needs to hold less water. But these toilets are ideal if you have a small house with a smaller toilet area. These are even a little expensive and you will need to hire a professional service provider for such a toilet installation.

Composting Toilets

If you are looking for complete a green living, composting toilets is the best solution. It is regarded as the perfect eco-toilet where no plumbing is required. The best part of these types of toilets is that they are odourless and does not need daily maintenance. With the increase in demand for composting toilets, new designs with advanced features are getting popular. So, you can finally start to live off-grid.

Toilet Lids Converted To Sink And Faucet

When space is the problem and you need to have a sink and a faucet in your bathroom, this type of solution should best suit you. In this system when you flush the toilet the clean water of the faucet comes out and drains into the sink below which then drains into the toilet bowl.

Hope these ideas on changes and installations of the eco friendly toilet will help you get the ideal solution for your house. Before you decide, get to learn the pros and cons of the type of toilet pattern you choose. For plumbing and other related information, you can visit reputed sources like Greenplanetplumbing. From pricing to fittings, consider all the factors before the installation of your eco-friendly toilet.

With little upgrading in your already existing toilet, you can save water and cost too. The environment is our and we must keep it clean. Let us all build a sustainable world and save water.

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