Effective means of Dealing with Blocked Drain


So, you have a blocked drain? The professionals are aware of the fact that nightmare. It is one of the most bothering and nerve-wracking task when you are not aware of how to start and deal with it. Hence, in order to make this teething task a little easy and hassle -free for you, below we have given some professional tips on how to start and proceed. There are several ways to get your pipes working properly again. In the market you will come across many kinds of gadgets that could unblock the drains. There are also some do it yourself tips that you can use. The initial steps to start with on experiencing a blocked drain are:

Find out what’s wrong: In order to unclog a blocked drain, it is necessary to find the actual problem and the reasons for it. If the water isn’t draining properly, it is likely to be the result of a blocked drain. Check this problem to find an appropriate solution.

Don’t use the drain: If you have a blocked drain, you need to ensure that you don’t use it until the problem is resolved. Pouring more water and using the drain will only worsen the problem, making it more difficult to resolve.

Ensure safety: Before you start with your work yourself, you need to wear full protective clothing. You are advised to remove and wash your clothing once you’re done with your work. However, it is always better to hire a plumber for better service.

The proper steps to unblock a drain are mentioned below:

The cover should be removed: In order to begin, you should lift the cover of your drain carefully. If you find that the cover is rusted, then scrapes away the rust before opening it. If the cover has a handle a string should be tied to the handle in order to pull the cover open.

The obstruction should be cleared: With the help of a drain rod, you can clear the obstructions and dislodge the blockage. This process might take several minutes. You can also use a kitchen mob for the purpose. However, this may not be as flexible as the drain rod.

Flush properly with water: When you are done with the dislodging of blockage, use water to flush the drain thoroughly and make sure that no debris is remained behind. A heavy pressure of water should be maintained for better clearance.

How to prevent blockages?

It is not easy to unblock a drain. It is a challenging task which is best be avoided. Here are some simple yet effective tips to help you prevent blockage.

Monitor your drain: It is on a routine basis that you should check your drain regularly, without fail! This will help you to catch even if a minor blockage or problem creeps in.

Dispose waste correctly: You should not flush away rubbish such as cotton wool, face wipes, hard or thick food items since they can easily block your drain.

Keep the drains clear of plants: Don’t place any plants and flowers near the drain in order to avoid problems. If you’ve a leafy garden, fit drain guards so that plant matter does not fall in and cause the blockage.

Before loading your dishwasher rinse thoroughly: It becomes necessary for you to ensure that your plates and cutlery are properly rinsed as any excess food may cause further problems.

As a home owner, you have certain responsibilities which you need carry out to avoid problems. With regards to the unblocking the drain contacting blocked drain professionals can give you much better results.

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