Electrical Inspections: Why They Are Important


It is essential that you carry out checks on the condition of the electrics in your home on a regular basis. Doing so will assist you in identifying any defects or faults that may need improvement, and will ensure the continued operation of a required installation in an effective and safe manner.

Electrical Checks: How They Are Performed

Two kinds of checks should be carried out by a registered electrician. An electrical installation condition report, or EICR, identifies any deterioration, damage, defects, or conditions that may give rise to hazards. The EICR is a more comprehensive report than a visual inspection report (VIR). The VIR, as the name suggests, involves a visual examination of the electrical accessories (light sockets, fittings, and fuse box) in the house. The EICR, on the other hand, involves the testing of various circuits, which necessitates turning off the electrics at the main supply.

When Is an EICR Performed?

Usually, an EICR is carried out on a periodic basis every decade, or every five years for private rentals. The EICR takes about four hours to complete. The length of the assessment, according to Tyne and Wear electricians, depends on the number of circuits that need testing and the overall size of a property.

The purpose of the EICR is to find out whether an installation is in proper condition for the continuation of service. Homeowners often enquire and ask for a condition report as part of the sale of a property. Landlords, who are aware of their electrical safety requirements, also have periodic inspections performed for their rental properties.

An EICR summarises the condition of the electrics in a residence and determines whether they comply with the current British Standard for electrical safety. The report records observations and makes various recommendations where an improvement may be needed or helpful to improving overall safety. Once the report is finished, a registered electrician provides a certificate that outlines the condition of a home’s electrical system.

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