Everything you ever wanted to know about cleaning kitchen cabinets


Cleaning kitchen cabinets can be an arduous task, but with the right tools and the right cleaners, it’s pretty simple. Kitchen cabinets tend to attract all kinds of grease and grime because of all the food preparation. You’ll find cleaning kitchen cabinets to be much easier if you do it periodically rather than let it build up over the years.

One of the best ways to clean your kitchen cabinets is to use dishwashing liquid. Just make a bucket of water and dish soap, much as if you’re washing dishes, and use a clean cloth to wipe down the cabinets. This will usually get most of the grease and grime off of them, and it avoids using harsh chemicals. However, if you clean several of your cabinets and find that the dishwashing liquid and water is simply not cutting the grease, then it’s certainly time to resort to more drastic measures.

Whether your cabinets are made of wood or some other material, you should also be able to use pretty much any cleaner you have. Just double-check the label to make sure it won’t ruin the surface of your cabinets. If you have solid wood cabinets, you’ll probably want to use a special wood cleaner. Just make sure you use one that will also remove grease. Steer clear of especially harsh chemicals, especially if you have wood cabinets. These abrasive cleaners can damage the finish of your cabinets. If you’re cleaning kitchen cabinets that are older and have a heavy layer of grease and grime that you can’t get off, you might try using paint thinner. Just be sure to test the chemical inside the door to make sure it won’t ruin the finish.

It’s very important that you have proper ventilation any time you are cleaning kitchen cabinets. Chemicals can be very hard on your lungs, so you want to be able to breathe fresh air while you’re cleaning kitchen cabinets. You should also be careful that you don’t spray anything near an open flame. Most cleaning chemicals are very flammable, so you don’t want to start a fire by spraying them in your kitchen.

After you deep clean your cabinets, you may want to consider using some sort of polish as a finishing touch. Often deep cleaning kitchen cabinets can leave them looking dull, so a polish is a great way to get them shining again.

In some cases, the dirt and grime on your kitchen cabinets may be so extreme, you will have to use a cleaner that is very harsh. This will likely destroy the finish on your cabinets, so you should only do this when you’re planning on refinishing the cabinets. The problem with cleaning kitchen cabinets is that if it’s not done for years and years, then you won’t be able to get all of the grease off.

Cleaning kitchen cabinets can be easy or difficult, depending entirely on how long it’s been since the last time you did it.

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