Everything You Need to Know About Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers


A heat exchanger is an industrial device that’s designed to transfer heat between two fluids. The transfer of heat between fluids is usually achieved by immersing a heat exchanger in the solution. They are mostly made out of copper and don’t have a very big footprint. Heat exchangers are available in plenty of different shapes and sizes. Depending upon the application, you might want to choose an exchanger that meets your specific job requirements.

In most industries, brazed plate heat exchangers are commonly used. A brazed plate exchanger is different from ordinary exchangers. It is commonly made from copper and can easily offer years of service. Compared to other options available right now, copper plate heat exchangers also require significantly little maintenance.  They are primarily used for numerous duties, such as heating, facilitating evaporation, cooling, and manipulating condensation. Here are just some of the reasons as to why these exchangers are so widely used in industrial applications.

Low Purchase Price

As a factory owner, you would ideally prefer buying equipment that’s affordable. Well, brazed plate exchangers are perfect in this regard. They are designed for high technical efficiency and when combined with the thin plate material, it’s easy to see why companies are able to sell their products at such an affordable price.

High Pressure and Temperature

Managing the temperature and the pressure of the brazed plate exchangers is very important. In some applications, very high temperature and pressure might be required. Despite being so affordable, brazed plate exchangers are also quite versatile. They can be easily used at very high temperatures without any risk of damage. Most people think that these exchangers contain rubber gaskets, but that is not the case. This allows the exchanger to operate at temperatures ranging from -180 degrees C to as high as 200 degrees C. The operating pressure can also be increased to a maximum of 30 bar.

Thermal Efficiency

Factory owners try to reduce their operating costs as much as possible by opting for distinctive operating procedures. If you choose brazed plate exchangers, you will be able to save a great deal of money. These exchangers offer maximum thermal efficiency when compared with other options in the market. That’s primarily due to the extremely high turbulence of each plate in the exchanger. The turbulence levels allow for quick changes in the temperature.

Wide Range of Applications

Brazed plate exchangers are currently used in a host of different applications. They are primarily used for ventilation, heating pumps, heat recovering units, hydraulic/fuel oil units, and in the construction industry as well. Depending upon your requirements, you can choose the option that best fits your requirements. Ideally, it’s important for you to first consult with a professional about the kind of brazed plate exchanger that you should buy. Companies that manufacture brazed plate exchangers will usually guide you about the size and performance of the exchanger depending upon your requirements, thus giving you a better idea of which one to choose from.


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