Features of Spa bathtubs



The spa like bath tubs brings a hotel like luxury to the bathroom. But their installation can be very expensive. Of course one needs to keep an extra budget for their maintenance as well. A spa tub contains heated water features, bubbles, and tub jets and this usually gives a deeper soak. These tubs are available in varieties of designs. One can choose either corner tubs or freestanding styles. Spa bathtubs are even available in sizes which can accommodate 2 or more people.

Majority of the spa tubs are available with water pumps, air system and heating system. It is necessary to test all these systems before even they get installed. It is really bad if one gets to know that something is not working after they installed it. One more thing to check for is leakages. Decision at the last minute to switch over to freestanding may lead to many issues.

It is always better to have a temporary base first and check everything before actual installation. Anti-tipping brackets may be required for freestanding bath tubs. This will avoid the flipping which usually happens with freestanding bath tubs because of their extra weight. These are really important. But meantime they can be really challenging to install. This is because brackets should be installed on the floor which is already finished. They need large bolts and screws. It is better to fix the exact position of the pipes and wires there need not be any confusion.

About the brackets it is better to discuss with plumbers and builders. If it is not necessary then brackets can also be skipped. Majority of the users don’t like oversized tubs. It is better to choose the ones which is suitable for their size so that they will not slip down in the tub when using. That is why it is better to sit and check the comfortable size of the tub before even buying it.

Points to remember while buying Spa Bath Tubs

One more thing to remember while buying spa bathtubs is one should always have clear view of their bath room its size as well as dimension. It is better to position it so that while using one can look towards the window rather looking into a blank wall. If the home is having a small hot water tank then it is better to avoid massive bath tubs. Gigantic spa tubs will not be handles by these small hot water tanks.

Other than tub filter and tub there are much more to think about when it comes to choosing a spa tub. LED generator, blower and pump are some of them. These are must for a spa tub. That is why before choosing them one need to plan properly to buy all these. Along with buying one should also think about their position as well. These can be installed in adjacent room or in a closet near the tub. But few of the control units must be placed near the tub or they can be attached into the tub.

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