Finding Awesome Movers Involve Doing your Homework


Consumer complaints filed against movers continue to rise so you don’t want to add to the statistics. Moving companies that get complaints from customers are scammers. They don’t possess a license to operate a business like this. Also, they are not insured and just take advantage of a customer’s stressful transition period. Great movers in New York make customers happy so to find them, consider the following tips.

Know that Early Bird Always Catches the Worm

Finding a good moving company in New York City like those at can take time and must not be a last minute decision. Begin your search at least weeks five weeks before you set your moving date so you can have enough time to vet and compare every possible mover. You need to do this particularly during peak moving season since the best mover tends to get booked up early.

Be Able to Determine a Fake Mover

Today, any person can make his website and look credible. This is how many rogues try to steal business from dependable movers.  Some websites can provide you a compiled list of main red flags that can help in spotting a fake mover and stay away from a possible moving disaster. In case you encounter any of these companies while you do your research, avoid them right away.


Be Able to Know the Signs which Point to Yes

Picking the company to provide access to your house and your belongings must not be left to chance. However, just there are some red flags for spotting an unreliable mover, there are a lot of green flags for pointing you toward a good mover. Consider these as non-negotiable and determine the difference between moving locally and moving out of state.

  • Interstate- if you are moving out of state, the moving company that you chose should have a USDOT number. As good moving companies don’t hide anything, this is often easy to search on their site, estimate documents or advertisements. Seeing must not be believing so ensure that you verify the accuracy of the USDOT.
  • Intrastate– if you are planning to move within your state, regulations and requirements vary. Be able to know the requirements for your state before looking up on local movers. You have to check out important resources and contacts by state.

Follow the Happy Movers’ Trail

After choosing a licensed mover and eliminating the pesky rogues, you can start narrowing your choices down. Consider reaching out to your social circles, check out the website of the mover, read online reviews and follow the trail of reputable and successful moving companies.

Do Not Allow your Computer to Do the Homework Alone

Of course you can make use of online resources to find good movers. You must have a list of reputable and licensed movers with a lot of happy customers. Call your top choices and request for quotes and keep an eye on your interactions. Excellent moving companies must be responsive, helpful and knowledgeable during the process. They may give you advice on granting them an in-house visit to better evaluate your house’s logistics and inventory to give you a more accurate estimate.

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