Five Weekly Maintenance Tips for a Clean and Great Bathroom and Kitchen


Nobody wants to wake up with a clogged kitchen sink that does not get solved even when you pour tons of hot water on it.

Everyone wants to bathe in a fresh-smelling bathroom filled with nature’s aroma, as described in air freshener commercials. Sadly, even the strongest-smelling fresheners cannot beat the natural odor of our filthy bathrooms that have not been touched by a cleaning brush for months.

As they say, we only get what we give. If you’re too busy to clean these most abused parts of your house, you can’t expect them to look or smell okay. But today, we’re making things a bit easier for you by teaching you 5-minute tricks that you can do once a week to maintain your kitchen and bathroom. You don’t have to sweat it, girl. Just be consistent in doing these things at least once a week and you’ll never have to endure a filthy bathroom or kitchen again.

Brush your teeth in the bathroom sink

Wondering why there’s a certain sewer smell in your bathroom even when you clean it regularly? Here’s what. You may not be remiss in doing bathroom cleaning chores but maybe, just maybe, you’re not using your bathroom sink at all.

If this is true, then that’s the reason for the foul smell. When you don’t use the sink regularly, air from the sewers finds its way to the pipes of your sink and reveals itself in the bathroom. So yes, use this part of the bathroom daily to keep that sewer air from coming in. This is not even a five-minute hack, but something you can simply do daily.

No more clogging

You won’t need an expensive solution to combat a stubborn clogged sink if you take care of it weekly. This 5-minute trick we’re teaching you is very basic but you need to promise yourself to do this every weekend, at least. Get a small water container. Squeeze one whole lemon and pour it inside the container. Add one tablespoon of baking soda and half a glass of warm water. Shake the container until evenly mixed. Pour the solution on your sink drain together with boiling water. Do this once and week as an ultimate cleansing habit for your sink drain.

Rusty pipes, go away!

Stop enduring the pesky sight of your rusty steel bathroom fixtures. In time, your shower hose will wear out, the tubes and pipes under your sink and toilet tank will get rusty, and your grab bars will get old. But you can delay this or totally avoid rusting by applying grease and oil to these bathroom fixtures at least once a week. This will serve as  a protective shield for your steel pipes and shower hose. But if you were not able to prevent rust, hire recommended plumber Singapore contractors to insulate your pipes or replace them. (Photo from DIY Stock Exchange)

Don’t forget the floor

We know that aside form the sink, our kitchen floor also gets abused every time we cook and prepare food. To avoid a filthy kitchen, get in the habit of mopping the floor at least once a week. This will keep dirt from accumulating.


Bye, harsh cleaners!

Finally, stop using chemical-based cleaners that are harsh for your bathroom tiles. There are abrasive types that actually cause scratches and damage to your pipes. Go for mild liquid cleaners or a home-made baking soda-lemon solution that you can wipe around your bathroom tiles on a weekly basis. Do this every weekend and you can have fresh and intact bathroom tiles.

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