For Anyone Out There Who Is Considering Netball Court Construction


Easily most favoured sports surfaces which are utilised for the building of netball courts are the type 2 macadam and type 3 polymeric rubber, both of which provide the optimal playing environments with superb slip resistance abilities.

But, if you’re also thinking about fitting it out to be used as a multi-use sports type of area which can be put to great use for a number of different games like tennis and football, there’s the other type of surface specification as in type 1 macadam, which may give you a better all-round type of sporting facility.

Paint and Markings

This flooring will commonly be covered with a quality slip resistant paint coating after the building job has been completed. This special sport court paint will give the netball surface a lot more grip, thereby increasing the player’s performance and safety.

  • The flooring can be laid down in a choice of bright colours that can grant any facility that special and memorable personalised touch to further match any school or team colours.

Professional line markings are also applied as a part of netball court construction to make certain that accurate game scoring is employed and to make a distinction between the different types of sports which will be played on a multi-use games space.

Surface Installation Prices

All costs regarding the installation of a top quality netball court construction project, can differ and depend on the requirements of the surface, the size of the court, access to the area and some other factors.

The costs can be administered by compromising on certain aspects of the netball surface installation. Things such as fencing and floodlighting and a great surface which is safe for players to play on, should all be within the realms of your available budget.

Sport Surfacing Maintenance

One other great method of making sure that the overall costs will be lowered after the construction has been finished is by the simple application of a consistent maintenance and upkeep plan for the facility after the installation has taken place.

Just by doing this alone, it will definitely help in keeping the surface in tip top condition and put a stop to any costly repairs and resurfacing jobs which need doing in the future.

  • Repairs are not always that expensive, but like many other things which we use, when they’re given good care and looked after, they will last that much longer than otherwise!

Easy Peasy Upkeep

The easiest method of good maintenance for this type of sport surface is routine brushing and high water pressure washing to take away any dirt and debris which might go on to damage the surface if left there.

Just by simply carrying out this basic and simple type of cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis will ensure that your lovely netball facility remains durable, functions perfectly and is safe for all players to use for a long period of time. Enjoy!

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