Get Rid of your Storage Heaters Today


In most homes in the UK, using electric heaters is probably the simplest way to keep the space warm. Since electricity is abundantly available, so it is considered as the most convenient option. Electric heaters can be just plugged in and no special hardwiring is required. With its use, you can do away with the central heating system which is wastage of electricity. Though abundantly available, electricity is presently one of the most expensive energy sources in the UK. So, in order to save on the electricity bill, you should replace the storage heaters with electric radiators or option of underfloor heating.

The transition

Convinced with the above logic, most of the customers have gladly shifted from the conventional system of central heating to the modern electric heaters to enjoy ultimate energy efficiency. This easy to plug-in appliance doesn’t require any kind of installation. Initially, the system of electric heating was considered an expensive way to keep the space in and around you warm, but with the continuous innovation ofthe technology, electric radiators came into existence that has overcome all the drawbacks.

Benefits of using an electric heater

If you notice, electric heater has a number of advantages when compared to the oil or gas furnaces and boilers. Some of the benefits that are worth mentioning are:

  • The temperature of these heaters can be controlled room wise
  • They are normally less expensive and does not require installation
  • Gets heated fast and distributes the heat slowly
  • Occupies less space
  • Keep the area clean
  • They don’t have any combustion process, thus the system is safe and you can avoid any kind of air contamination or a sudden outbreak of fire.
  • There is no chimney
  • There is no off-cycle when the system needs to be given rest
  • Noise-free

Factors to be consider while buying

Considering the advantages of electric heating, here are certain factors that you need to keep in mind while buying an electric heater to enjoy its benefits to the optimum level. Mentioned below are some of the factors that you should keep in mind like:

· The heater type – There are basically three main technologies of heating namely convective, micathermicand radiant. Selecting the appropriate type is highly important to enjoy the ultimate performance.

  • The heating capacity –While buying an electric heater, the area you want to cover is very important. The factors on which the heating capacity depends are wattage, the heating technology used, the environment of the area you want to heat etc.
  • Energy-efficiency–To check your electricity bills and conserve energy, the energy-efficiency of the system should be compared.
  • Safety features –Proper maintenance is very important in case of portable heaters to avoid any kind of fire hazards. For safe operation, cool-to-touch surface along with other safety measures is very essential.
  • Noise level – If you notice, most electrical appliance emits some kind of noise while operating. But the level of sound varies from model to model. Normally, the non-fan based models make less noise and keep the environment quiet.
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