Get the Right Type of Foundation Waterproofing Done By Toronto Plumbing Contractors


Appropriate foundation waterproofing is inevitable, if you wish to keep your basement dry even in extreme conditions. Mainly there are two types of systems, exterior trenching and interior waterproofing. Both the system are quite different from each other and hence understanding both will help you determine which one is ideal for you.

Exterior Trenching system:

This system is considered as the most effective one when it is about keeping a basement dry. If you receive heavy rainfall every year, this system is definitely ideal for you. When due to heavy rains, water seeps in to the soil it gets collected around your foundation wall. Over a period of time, this standing water finds weak spots in your foundation wall and starts leaking inside.

In the mentioned system, pipes are used to divert this excess standing water away from your foundation wall. These pipes are made using PVC of six inches diameter. It is perforated in order to collect the water. The system is installed in the bed of gravel to putt off clogs from developing.

Unfortunately, installing this system gets very expensive for most of the home owners. This is because installing the system is very labor-intensive. Well, on the other hand, if you take it up as a DIY task, you can surely do it yourself. However, of course be prepared as it will take a lot of time.


Interior waterproofing system:

This system is completely different from the one mentioned above. However, the good thing is that it is equally effective. Usually, a foundation is built using two types of materials – concrete masonry units or poured-in-place concrete. Both these materials are porous in nature. This means over the period of time they will allow water vapor from soil travel through them.

As a result of this, dampness is faced in basement. Now to fight against this dampness, interior waterproofing is done. Polymer-based compounds are used in this system to block water and water vapor. These compounds are applied using heavy nap roller, just like applying latex paints. Depending on its quality, the compound is expected to reach up to 4 inches in the block or concrete.

Compared to exterior trench system, this is a cost effective type of waterproofing and of course very easy for any home owner to do it by themselves.

Well, as per some of the professional Toronto plumbing contractors, the most ideal type of foundation water proofing system is the combination of both the systems. It is believed that by making use of both the systems, you can be rest assured that you will have a dry basement for years and years.

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