Give A Home A Vintage Makeover


When most people think of a vintage makeover, their mind is filled with visions of glass chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and ornate four-poster beds. Whilst these ideas may be exciting, chandeliers and four-poster beds can be too expensive for many people. However, there are many ways to give a house the vintage treatment without breaking the bank.

Buy An Iron Bedframe

If a modern bedframe looks too drab or functional, then replace it with an iron bedframe. Victorian beds for the wealthy elite were designed with intricate patterns which are a stylish addition to any bedroom. These patterns transform what is an ordinary piece of furniture into a true work of art. Iron bedframes are extremely sturdy and long-lasting. This means that the frame won’t come apart and will provide a great night’s sleep. Make sure to oil the bedframe to stop any loud creaking from disrupting rest.

Put Vintage Knobs On Furniture

Doors and cupboards can be given an easy makeover with vintage handles. Striking patterns on the handles gives old furniture a new lease of life. Sturdy vintage knobs can also make furniture more secure. Vintage knobs add a touch of class to your home.

Buy A Chaise Lounges

Instead of buying a modern three-piece couch, why not put a few chaise lounges in the living room for people to recline on. This furniture is extremely comfortable and allows people to stretch out without having to jostle for space with other members of the family. A chaise lounge adds a touch of class, as well as being extremely practical. Chaise lounges can be moved around the room easily to make more space, unlike modern furniture which can be extremely bulky and immobile.

Buy Antique Lamps

Modern lighting can sometimes be too harsh and powerful. Ambience is important, so buy some antique lamps which give off a softer glower. This will help to create a cosy atmosphere. Find antique lamps with ornately decorated stands. Wrought-iron lamps or lamps with patterned ceramic bases are extremely stylish. The lights are extremely durable and are easy to keep polished. Why not put some in the bedroom to make nights more romantic?

Put Up Patterned Wallpaper

Hang patterned wallpaper to give any room a vintage makeover. Floral patterns are a tasteful choice which will liven up the space. If wallpapering more than one room, make sure that any different styles don’t clash too much. This will make the house look disjointed.

Install An Oak Dining Table

An oak dining table is extremely classy. Choose a table with ornately-carved patterns on the table and legs for added effect. Oak is extremely sturdy and can be treated with chemicals to make it resistant to chipping or stains. Buying an oak table is also a good investment, as they can become extremely valuable.

Follow these simple steps for an easy way to give any home a glamorous vintage makeover.

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