Have a home inspector inspect the plumbing system of a home


The inspection of a property is a crucial step in the purchase of many buyers. It is often at this moment that it’s decided if “it passes, or it breaks”! Among all the essential elements to inspect in a property, the plumbing system is of paramount importance, because it is it is used to bring drinking water from municipal services to your glass, and to eliminate wastewater that you generate. For many people, it may seem like a banal process that is of little concern. However, the plumbing system must be given special attention because it is an extremely important and particularly fragile network.

Not convinced? Just think about when you shower, bath, when you brush your teeth, when you do the dishes … You see where I’m going! Poor inspection of drinking water and wastewater systems can lead to unforeseen breakages that can greatly affect your daily life. That’s why it’s so important to ALWAYS get a plumbing system inspected for a new home BEFORE you buy it. This inspection will allow you to see if you will have repairs to plan!

Inspection of plumbing systems: avoid water damage that is expensive!

Not only will the inspection allow you to target the repairs to be expected, but it will also allow you to avoid possible water damage. In fact, water damage due to poor plumbing maintenance or lack of inspection is very common. Whether it’s a leaking kitchen sink plumbing fitting, a leaking water heater or a draining drain, it can be very expensive once the damage is done. By having the home’s plumbing system inspected, Building Property Inspections Melbourne can tell you what items need to be monitored, if everything is in order, or if you need to invest some money to restore some fixtures.

This new knowledge will allow you, if you have not already signed the purchase contract, to negotiate with the seller by showing him the work to be done, or simply to confirm that you are indeed paying the right price for the house. A mere inspection of a few hundred dollars could provide you with bargaining power that allows you to lower the sale price by a few thousand dollars. It can therefore be a very lucrative investment! In addition, you will avoid possible water damage and thus have peace of mind as a new owner.

The inspection of a plumbing system must be done by a professional!

Whether your brother-in-law is a carpenter or a sealer, no professional, except an inspector and a plumber, is qualified to inspect a plumbing system. In the trade, it is often said that the two things that every carpenter should never touch is electricity and plumbing. These two elements should always be entrusted to specially trained professionals. For inspection, it’s exactly the same! Only a certified home inspector can rigorously and accurately inspect the condition of your plumbing system.

Let the professionals inspect everything! They know what they are doing, and you will have the GUARANTEE that everything is in order. Horror stories of people who do not have their home inspected by a professional and are in serious trouble afterwards are very common. There is no doubt that you will recognise that it is better to trust a professional when it comes to complex items that can have a big impact on your wallet, and on your daily life.

The building inspector is a professional who will give you the right time!

In addition, the inspection of the plumbing is included in the pre-purchase inspection!

Here is the list of all the items an inspector will check on your plumbing system

As mentioned, a little earlier, the inspection report that will be provided by the seller once the pre-purchase inspection is complete will allow you to negotiate the seller in case of problems before the purchase, but you will also be VERY useful in case of recourse in hidden defects. Indeed, the report will serve as proof that the inspector has done the necessary due diligence and will help you win your case. What will be found in the Plumbing System Inspection section? What does an inspector look for exactly? To help you better understand the scope of the inspection, here is the complete list of items checked by a certified building inspector:

  • The state and age of the water heater
  • The fittings of the water heater
  • The correct functioning of the taps
  • The flow of water
  • The state of the piping
  • Plumbing fittings

○ Below the sink for sewage disposal

○ Drains

○ Hot and cold-water connections

  • The water pressure (test by letting various devices run)
  • Leaks and cracks

As you can see, it’s not just about running the tap to see if everything is working. The pre-purchase inspection of the plumbing system requires the inspector to visually inspect everything that can be analysed without opening the walls. This is far beyond what everyone can do on their own. That’s why you should not hesitate for a second to trust a professional building inspector. The majority of buyers do it, and it’s not for nothing!

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