Hire an Etobicoke Plumbing Company to Install Drain Camera for Regular Sewer Inspection


With efficient plumbing, you not only get to save money, but also preserve energy and water. It is important to inspect your plumbing system regularly, so as to ensure that it is in excellent working order. If you don’t pay attention to your home sewer system, then a day will come when the whole drainage will be blocked and you won’t even know the cause of it.

Plumbing system of a house is always buried under the ground and hidden behind the floors, ceilings and walls. Parts of a plumbing system like drains, sewer lines, pipes and water are prone to different types of unanticipated and severe issues like invasion, leaks, blockages, breaks and corrosion. Therefore, it is necessary to use a plumbing or drain camera for the inspection of remote areas in your sewer system and look for impending problems.

Common drainage issues

Some common issues associated with drainage system, which can be discovered using a drain camera are listed below:

  • Cracked and fractured pipes – Various factors such as environmental impact on pipes, intense pressure applied by the movement of vehicles on roads, etc. are responsible for these issues.
  • Collapsed drainage pipes – Incorrect or very old installation of pipes along with the use of outdated materials are the reasons for collapse of sewer pipes. You should take care of this kind of issue as soon as possible.
  • Root infestation – Tree roots are capable of infiltrating infesting drainage pipes to the point where it becomes impossible for water to get drained. Cracks in sewer pipes make it easier for roots penetrate them, because of which there is also debris accumulation in those pipes.
  • Bellied pipes – A belly is created in pipes when they get settled underground and due to this, water is accumulated and cannot be drained. Incorrect pipe installation, ground erosion and debris deposition are some of the causes of this issue.

Camera inspection

An optical camera made of fiber is used for locating plumbing problems and estimating the measure of work required to fix them. Professional plumbers use this camera to evaluate the requirement of repair in such a way that protection of investment made by people in a house is ensured.

Video images captured by the camera are shown on monitor screen, and are saved in the form of permanent records containing information on plumbing system’s present situation.

The main aim of Etobicoke Plumber services is to find the causes of plumbing issues, and to provide the best solutions to their clients. Their technicians will be experienced and trained for the jobs. Also, their inspection services are effective and helpful in locating the neglected plumbing problems.

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