Hiring a Home Builder: What You Need to Know


Hiring a builder to construct your own home is a very important decision. If you own a piece of land in Canterbury and wish to build a house on it, there are several options available. Obviously, you will need to hire a builder or a contractor for the job. But, there are many things that you should keep in mind when hiring a home builder.

You already know that building your own house is not going to be cheap. However, you don’t want to be stuck with a builder who might ask for more money when half of the construction is completed; you will be stuck in the middle with nowhere to go at that point. Therefore, here are just some of the things that you should keep in mind when hiring a home builder:

Model Houses

When you first approach builders in Canterbury, it is very likely that they will ask you to visit a model home. Model houses are real-life examples of what a builder can do for you. These houses are made in order to inspire customers and to show them that the company has the capability to build a comfortable living space. Model houses are designed to be as generic as possible, so that they can appeal to a larger percentage of the audience.

The first step is to decide on the design of the house. Most builders generally ask customers to take a walk around the model house in order to get an idea of how the finished house will look. If you choose a model house design, the cost will obviously be cheaper. However, if you opt for a custom-designed house, the price will vary depending upon the construction.


For instance, if you choose more expensive tiles and opt for expensively designed walls, you will obviously have to pay more. When choosing a home builder, many people are often tempted to compare the square metre rate. That’s not such a good idea, because no two houses are created equal. The variances are almost infinite, so if one builder is charging around $1,000 per square metre, it doesn’t automatically mean that the builder is better than the one who charges $2,000 per square metre.

The Design Process

Another important thing that you should know when working with a home builder is the design process. If you choose the custom design option, the builder will work closely with you in order to find a house design that best appeals to your living needs. They will show you 3-D models to choose from, and you can tinker with the design as much as you want. Most builders generally use sophisticated software programs in order to create real-life digital replicas of completed houses. If you like the design and are fully satisfied, the builder will get the design approved by the local building commission and get work started. The whole process is pretty straightforward, especially if you work with a reputable builder.

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