Home Maintenance: Are you Committing these Mistakes


Home Maintenance

Ideally, one can never treat his home as a one-time investment. Over the years, you would be required to sponsor its maintenance needs. No house is immune to the effects of the changing climatic conditions and the wear and tear engendered by years of use.

One needs to take care of its regular maintenance needs so as to avoid shocking repair costs in future. Everything starting from gutter cleaning and house washing to home painting and roof care is part of your home maintenance regime. Avoiding the initial signs of damage can cost you huge later. Instead of repeated warnings from professionals, homeowners keep on committing the mistake of ignoring the first symptoms of deterioration only to shell out a fortune for a catastrophe later on – a catastrophe which could well have been avoided.

Here are a few more common home maintenance mistakes committed by homeowners on a regular basis. Go through this particular rundown and make sure you are avoiding these mistakes at any cost.

Home Maintenance: Common Mistakes Committed by Homeowners

The obvious reason why one would ignore initial signs of decay is money. Today, you are not ready to pay up for a small crack in your roof thinking it poses no real danger. Tomorrow you may find yourself coughing up thousands of dollars for the same. Lack of education is another factor which needs mention here.

You are probably not investing in regular (professional) gutter cleaning services because you don’t want to spend money on the same and also because you are not “aware” of the hygiene threats posed by an unclean gutter. The main function of the gutters is to channel water away from the roof and foundation of your home. So, if you are not unclogging your gutter on a regular basis then it can lead to roof leaks as well as foundation issues. Plus, it can act as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Contact Supercity Property for superior gutter cleaning services and make sure you’re cleaning up clogs at least twice a year.

You are not paying due attention to your painting needs

The old paint of your house has started peeling off and you’re letting it happen – without even considering home repaint. Paint crevices expose your exterior wood surfaces resulting in the penetration of water into the surfaces underneath the paint. So, instead of ignoring the peeling off of your wall paint make sure you are getting the affected regions repaired. Get rid of the loose paint, repair cracks, if any, and apply a coat of primer on the same.

Use of relentless power washing

It’s good that you have decided to invest in house washing services. However, let us tell you that indiscriminate pressure washing can lead to serious problems in future – though they may not be visible right now. It can actually wash away mineral deposits from the brick and the stone causing white streaks. They (these white streaks) may be very difficult to get rid of later. So, make sure you’re getting only credentialed professionals on board to get the job done.

Not investing in mold removal services

You are not paying attention to the mold and mildew growth in the gaps of the grout. It leads to moisture seeping through your tiles and weakening of the same. Get the old grout replaced by new grout.

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