Home Maintenance – Some Useful Tips


Home Maintenance

The home is a complex combination of systems that work independently of each other, and are all contained somewhere within the property. The structure itself is a mixture of supports and walls, and it needs to be protected against the natural elements, and all of this must be inspected, and when necessary, repaired. Any homeowner would know of the many essential services that might be required with building maintenance, and in order to keep the list down to a manageable level, here are some tips to help keep your home in good shape.

Source a Good Plumber

The plumber is perhaps the most important tradesperson to make a connection with, and it should be someone who is on call 24/7, as you never know when the dreaded burst water pipe might decide to pay you a visit. You might be looking for a plumber in Croydon, or central heating repairs in London, wherever you are located, a simple search with a local online directory would put you in touch with a reliable plumber who is in your area.

Inspect the Roof

This should be done frequently, especially after a heavy storm, as debris can be lodged somewhere and cause damage. Any broken or dislodged roof tiles would allow water to seep in, and this would damage the joists and rafters. Guttering should be cleaned out regularly, with leaves and small branches that will cause a blockage, and if heavy rain cannot run away, it will overflow the guttering and run down the walls. If the thought of climbing ladders doesn’t thrill you, your local online directory would put you in touch with a roofing contractor who would be happy to carry out regular inspections.

Trees and Shrubs

Any large trees in the property need to be maintained, with annual pruning to retain the shape, taking care to ensure that all power and telephone lines are not obstructed. Your local arborist would be the person to contact, and if you are not aware of such a person, search with an online local directory, which would reveal a tree surgeon in the immediate vicinity.

Annual Spring Clean

The yearly clean can actually keep maintenance down, as small defects will be spotted and can be repaired before causing too much damage. This is the time to inspect the water pipes under the sinks, and also the connections to all of your major appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers, and if you notice any damp spots or corrosion around any joints, it should be repaired. It is wise to buy god quality connection pipes, with a stainless steel outer covering, as they last much longer, and of a joint leaks, the damage could be considerable.


If you have carpets, the spring cleaning offers an excellent opportunity to have them all deep cleaned. Stone floors can be polished and sealed, which will protect them for another year, and timber can be sanded and re-varnished to retain that classic look.

Although we need essential services, there are many things we can do around the house to keep repairs to a minimum, and in the event we do require some help, the local online directory is the place to look.

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