How Do Experts Unblock Your Drains


Your house is served by water that likely comes from a municipal water supply. That water is directed all through your home. Then it is recollected as wastewater and ushered through your sewer main. It is this last element that is the source of some of the most significant problems. If your house fixtures are not draining correctly, you could experience minor to substantial issues. Some small issues would just be sinks and bathtubs backing up. That will be inconvenient but not necessarily urgent; however, you will need to address it soon because the problem could quickly progress. If you need to report any blocked drains try this.

If you’re having drainage problems in multiple fixtures, you need to call professionals. Major issues include ruptures or sewage backing up into your house. A breach will likely result in sewage flooding your garden. A complete blockage means that the wastewater will probably back up into your home.

How They Do it

There are a few different methods of drain clearance in Leicester.

  • Drain rodding is the most basic and the fastest type of clearance. In those cases, a metal rod is pushed through your pipes to force out a clog. Your drain could be clear in a matter of minutes.
  • Drain jetting involves shooting water at high pressure through the pipes. This is helpful because it helps flush away mineral deposits on the walls of the pipes.
  • The other type of cleaning is an electromechanical cleaning. This will use cables and metal blades to clean the pipes.

In most cases, one of these three methods will clean your pipes for you. If that is not the case, your pipes could be damaged in a way that cannot be quickly repaired.

Pipe Replacement

In some cases, you will need to have your pipes replaced instead of repaired. That will happen if you allow a draining problem to exist for too long. If you allow the problem to grow and get bigger without addressing it, it could damage the actual structure of the pipes. This will sometimes mean that you need to remove a section of pipe. You should ask the professionals you hire about the prospects of cleaning pipes as opposed to having to replace them.


You should also ask about prevention. A small amount of prevention will save you from needing a significant amount of repair. There are ways to prevent draining problems. You could install hair catchers, for example. These are items that catch the hair before it can go all the way into the pipes. The type of plug that comes from hair in your drain is typically not the kind that needs professional attention. In many cases, you’ll be able to clean those out with a snake rooter or with a liquid. However, over time, items going down your drains can cause a severe clog. Bits of soap is sometimes enough to clog your drain seriously.

These are a few of the ways that you can clear your drains in case of a clog. You should call professionals at the first sign of a problem. Drain problems typically do not get better without intervention.

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