How Flushable Wet Wipes Causes the Blocked Drains?


The recent trend in the market of wipes is that the use of flushable wipes has exploded. The wipes for make-up removal or for toddlers as well as floor cleaning and toilet cleaning has flooded the super market. The users have become extra cautious about hygiene. It comes with a remark “flushable.” This means that you can flush it down the toilet just after using it like a toilet paper. But, the question arises if the flushable wipes are really flushable, why blocked drains problem persist? This is the main source of all the problems. It has become the reason for blocked drain.  Professional plumbers complain, the serious blockages are caused due to the flushable wet wipes.

Why is it a problem?

  • The sewer pipes face huge problem due to the wipes that are personal and are used in the toilets. The majority of the wipes do not biodegrade quickly. The plumbers claim that these wipes cause clogging in the drain pipes. The toilet papers are also designed which may block the pipes.
  • The material is durable and that is the reason more likely to have the blocked drain. The flushable wipes are the main reasons for the pipes clogging.
  • The wipes first do the clogging and then the other thing follows. There is a huge confusion among the consumers as to which one is actually flushable and which are not.
  • The manufacturers are to be slightly blamed, as the benefits of flushable wipes cannot be practiced in reality. It is a demand that they should include a Do Not Flush Label on the non-flushable wipes.
  • The anti-bacterial properties that are found in the wet pipes are what make them very dangerous. This is because the normal lifecycles that may give rise to waste down the sewer system are disrupted. The most beneficial thing for consumers is the reason causing damage to the pipes.

Why avoid Wet Wipes?

  • The flushable wipes are actually terrible for the environment. It involves a huge cost to repair the blocked drain pipes and is also bad for human health. The flushable wipes are disposable technically, but it does not mean that they disintegrate. They actually get shuffled somewhere else and wreck the environment.
  • The wet wipes contain plastic fibers so they are not biodegradable. When the wipes make their way to the ocean, the sea creatures by mistake ingest them.
  • Many users who erroneously choose to flush the wipes down the toilet that clogs and causes an overflow. The wipes in such a way can clog the city sewers causing a serious blockage. It has to be cleaned by the professionals costing a lot of money.
  • The wipes contain nasty toxic chemicals. This causes rashes in uncomfortable places. The baby wipes that are used in large quantities contain preservatives and fragrance. This is very harmful for the skin of the child.
  • The wipes are used in hospitals to clean multiple surfaces spreads only bacteria. It does not eliminate it, as per the recent research. It hardly kills bacteria instead spread across all the consecutive surfaces.
  • The disposables should be ditched and you should try to make your own wipe out of funnel cloth or any baby washcloth. They can be cleaned well with cleansing liquid or few drops of essential oil. They can be stored in a bottle in the bathroom for convenient use. The use of these homemade wipes is much more hygienic according to a latest study.

Hence, try to avoid using wet wipes, as it causes clogging and blocked drain. The best alternative is to use a sanitizer or soap and water.

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