How Homes Benefit from Mesh WiFi Compared to Traditional Routers


Wifi connections are essential to households these days. Every family and invidual has experienced the benefit of being constantly connected to the world through the use of the internet. Certain things can be accomplished with the help of online connections. This is why it’s no surprise that most homes have their own LAN connection. It has become a constant part of the budget for utility fees.

Despite the huge improvement when it comes to connectivity, there are still times when every household will encounter difficulties such as slower internet speeds. And this can be a major inconvenience to anyone. For this, mesh wifi systems have been created. It’s quite different than the traditional system since it’s a collection of receivers that can be placed in various places of the home to widen internet coverage and to boost speeds for better user experience. Allow its benefits to explain what a mesh wifi can do.


One of the best things that mesh networks can give the high-speed performance that’s faster compared to LAN-based network. Its output is faster and greater than an internet connection from your ISP. For shorter distances, eero is the best option, while Velop works best at longer distances that ranges up to a 100 feet.


Each connecting part that forms the mesh network is called a node. A standard mesh system can pretty much cover up the whole area of the home. However, if you wish to improve the speed, you can always add more nodes. Every brand type allows this for an additional fee. Now, you can customize these options according to need.

App Control

The best thing about using mesh wifi is its user-friendliness. You’ll be able to monitor, change, keep track of network performance, and customize its common functions according to need. How is this possible? Simple– through the use of the system’s app which you will be required to install on your mobile phone. To know the difference of what each brand can offer, you can check out this Source: Your Smart Home Guide.


Hardware parts and specs will highly depend on the brand and the type of system they’re creating. They can have more advanced specs but the main make-up of the system is almost the same for every brand. It’s only a matter of choosing which one provides the best features according to your household needs.

Another advantage of using the all new and improved mesh wifi system is their constant and consistent customer service support. Since it’s a fairly new piece of tech, there are a lot of questions regarding how it functions and what they can expect from certain features. It’s a good thing that most support service systems easily respond to their client’s needs.

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