How Plumbers can Keep Their Customers Happy and Coming Back


All small businesses rely heavily on their reputation to get customers and recommendations in order to keep their revenue stream steady. This is why it is essential to establish the best practices which will help them garner positive points and establish a name for themselves. This is a tricky process, because it requires consistent effort to keep customer satisfaction really high.

When it comes to plumbing companies, there are some things that are specific for the niche and some things that are general rules of customer relations. We are going to attempt to give you the key factors and practices to help you establish an operation which racks up positive reviews and establishes loyalty and trust with their customers.

Quick response

In most situations plumbing jobs can be classified as emergencies. The customers expect a quick answer and reaction since things like a leaking pipe can cause quite a bit of structural damage to their property and cost them a lot of money. This is why plumbing companies need to have a call centre that is never unreachable within their working hours.

Furthermore, they need to give realistic assessments on how quickly they can respond and send a crew to deal with the issue. In some cases, if you can’t respond in time, it is much better to advise the potential customer to call someone else, since failing to get there on time may result in bad reviews, even though you do the job properly once you get there. Too little, too late, as the saying goes.

Customer interaction

You never know what kind of customers you are going to run into, but one thing is certain, you always need to be as professional as possible. This goes for every employee you might have in your operation. It can be difficult and ineffective to attempt to track their behaviour in the field, but things like customer surveys at the end of the project can help you keep them on their toes as well as give you great customer input that can help you improve your operation.

You might want to consider including some employee training at the beginning of their employment to ensure that they understand the company’s policy and how to handle situations properly without escalating into heated exchanges with the customers.

Customer education

This can be done in a number of ways. A quick tip or two from a professional who just solved a major issue in their home is one way to go. The other can be establishing a blog and/or a newsletter and providing them with useful information. They will be thankful for your efforts and for the information, but more importantly, you will be able to get them in your newsletter list and contact them with offers, promotions, and so on.

Payment options

The more divers your payment options are, the better. Of course, you first need to have established prices for the types of services you provide. Transparency is the most direct route towards establishing trust. Very often, the question of the price of services provided comes up once they are done and here is where all hell can break loose.

The question of the service being overpriced may come up and the customer may feel like he or she has been swindled and that’s never good for your reputation. Assess the situation and notify the customer about the costs before you start working. There is no room for vagueness here.

You also need to ensure that your payment options are diverse and that you can handle both cash and credit card payments. Check out the reviews for credit card processing companies and pick out the one that works for you. For more information, visit this link:

Remember, these things can help you make a name for a company that runs well. If the quality of your service fluctuates on a regular basis, there is little to be done to help you retain a good reputation. Bad experiences with plumbing companies tend to end up on the internet pretty quickly, and word of mouth isn’t something to be underestimated either. Ensure that your services are top-notch and rely on these tip to get that reputation which will help you establish a constant income. We hope we managed to help you out and good luck!

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